We at Ardo are convinced that our Swiss Made breast pumps are high-quality products in every way. And what do healthcare professionals think who are confronted on a daily basis with issues about breastfeeding and expressing milk?

With our large-scale expert survey, we were able to obtain answers from the experts. We had 1,000 midwives put our Calypso Double Plus to the test*).

We then asked these healthcare professionals for their opinion by means of a comprehensive questionnaire. After 8 weeks, we received detailed feedback from 815 of the testers.

The result confirms the quality of the Ardo breast pump: 97% of responding midwives recommend the Calypso Double Plus. Just as many find that it meets their hygiene requirements for a product of this type. Almost all testers were equally impressed by Ardo’s “Vacuum Seal” technology, which ensures a completely closed system.  This demonstrates the quality of the Calypso Double Plus, as well as the other Calypso breast pumps, which is increasingly recognized in the market.

Want to Know More?

If you are a lactation professional and would like more information about Ardo breast pumps and breastfeeding accessories, or would like to receive details on how you can test one of our pumps personally, please click here and we will arrange the details with you.