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Amaryll Essentials | Manual Breast Pump

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Considered the perfect manual Breastpump!

The Amaryll handle attaches three ways for the perfect, ergonomic way to pump right or left-handed. Voted the favorite manual breast pump by moms and professionals, even in the early testing phase, Amaryll is an efficient, easy-to-use and comfortable option when you need to pump on the go. Like our electric pumps, Amaryll does not "let go" of your nipple for added comfort and effectiveness.

Includes 26mm breast shell/flange as well as our 22mm breast shell/flange insert. Our Esssentials line is available only to DMEs. The products are the same quality and carry the same warranty as our retail line, but contain fewer accessories for ACA fulfillment.

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Important Features:

  • Individually adjustable breastpump to ensure best results

  • Ergonomic design ensures ease of use for both right- and left-handed mothers

  • Stylish and compact design

  • Membrane protects against contamination

  • Contains no BPA

Includes: breast shell (26 mm), lip valve + 1 spare, casing cover, membrane pot, membrane con rod, operating lever, milk bottle 150 ml, bottle cap, cap liner, bottle stand, in brown box


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