Ardo Care Compresses Offer Intensive Nipple Care

May 29, 2022 | Breastfeeding

Helping breastfeeding mothers with sore, irritated or painful nipples in an all-natural way

That’s what Ardo Care Compresses, make possible. The compresses work gently and in harmony with nature; the compresses are vegan and the gel is based on purely natural raw materials.

Persistent nipple pain is one of the most common reasons for breastfeeding mothers to stop breastfeeding earlier than they would like. More than half of breastfeeding mothers show signs of nipple damage. It is important to identify and correct the cause of sore nipples quickly. In most cases, it is enough to optimize the baby’s latch-on in a specialized consultation. Our Ardo Care Compresses support the treatment of sore, irritated or painful nipples in a natural way.

Effective help

  • The cooling and ultra-moisturizing compresses support the natural regeneration of sore or irritated skin.
  • Hyaluronic acid hydrogel coating the compresses actively helps heal and soothe damaged, sore, and cracked nipples.
  • The compresses keep the skin of sore nipples soft and supple.
  • Ardo Care Compresses help prevent scabs from forming and help prevent continuous skin tearing.

Germ reducing

Ardo Care Compresses are coated with an all-natural hydrogel based on purely natural vegan materials, and are free of fragrances and preservatives. The gel coating the soft fleece on the compresses is germ-reducing, thus helping to prevent infections such as mastitis and thrush (Candida albicans).

Safe for mother and baby

The gel on the compress pad is odorless, colorless, has a skin-friendly pH value and is clinically tested and approved by dermatologists for sensitive skin. The gel does not need to be wiped off before breastfeeding and is safe for baby. Even mothers with sensitive skin can use the compresses without hesitation.

Easy to use

Ardo Care Compresses are also easy to use: individually packed, ready for immediate use and for single use (no rinsing or drying). Thanks to the round shape, the compresses are comfortable to wear and completely cover the skin around the nipples. And what’s more, the compress pads do not stain your clothing!

Continued breastfeeding

Ardo’s new breast pads help breastfeeding mothers with sore, irritated or painful nipples to continue breastfeeding.

One pack contains 12 individually wrapped compresses. Ingredients Gel: Aqua, Pentylene Glycol, Xanthan Gum, Betaine, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sodium Anisate, Lactic Acid

Ardo Care Compresses is a product of the Swiss company Ardo medical AG. For over 25 years, Ardo medical AG has been developing, producing and distributing products and solutions that accompany mothers through pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding.

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