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Every Alyssa pump order through PayPal comes with an ArdoLight breast pump clip!


Ardo pregnancy support products

Clips On & Rechargeable

Your best friend for middle of the night pump sessions. USB-C cable included to recharge your ArdoLight time and time again.

Ardo pregnancy support products

Soft Light

Specifically designed to not emit sleep disrupting blue light, preventing those in the room from waking up. Adjustable bright and dim settings allow you to control the brightness.

Ardo pregnancy support products

Fits Most Pumps

Clip the ArdoLight onto your current breast pump or even right to your bra strap, allowing you to observe your milk flowing into the pump bottle.

Stress-free power pumping

Pump more milk with the new Ardo Alyssa pump

Alyssa is the first breast pump in the world with a Power Pumping function to help increase your milk supply

Ardo pregnancy support products

The Personal Power Pump™

Alyssa is the first and only breast pump in the world with an automated power pumping function that mimics cluster feeding which increases your milk supply.

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Replay Button

Memory Plus function saves your complete pumping session, settings and time, so you can repeat with every use.

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Connects To Your Phone

Control and record pumping sessions and keep track of milk output with the Ardo Alyssa directly from your phone using the MyArdo app*.

What comes with your new Alyssa pump?

ardo breast care products

Your new pump parts await!

  • Ardo Alyssa breast pump

  • AC adapter with USB cable

  • double pump set (26mm) with tube and adapter

  • two 22mm breast bell insert

  • lid with with ring and cap

  • pump lid

  • vacuum pot

  • lip valve

  • two milk bottles

  • two milk bottle stands