The Calypso breast pump is available to purchase as a single or double electric breast pump, below are some of its features at a glance:

  • Individually adjustable settings for vacuum and cycle
  • Vacuum Seal technology gives 100% protection and prevents contamination of the pump or breastmilk
  • Compact design and reduced sound level allow for discreet expression
  • Can be mains or battery operated
  • Reduces pumping time by 50%


In her review, Sarah writes,

“What I love about the Calypso is that there are so many options which means that it can be truly personalized to you.”

Sarah goes on to describe the various functions of the pump and ends her review with, “It is really quiet and discrete, and the settings are able to be fully personalized to you and the system that Ardo uses ensures that the milk isn’t contaminated, which is so very important with a newborn. I hope that as Ardo becomes more well known in the UK, they will become known as the defacto pump to be used by mums.”