Quietest Pump on the Market

Noise tests show that Calypso is the quietest breast pump!

The Calypso is the quietest of all tested electric breast pumps. In comparison with many other commercially available pumps, it is only perceived to be half as loud, but it is still powerful.

See for yourself how quiet the Calypso is compared to the other pumps tested.

  Test Winner Calypso

  Audio File Double Pumps

  Official Test Report

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3 Easy Steps to Ordering Your Ardo Pump.

prescriptionStep 1: Prescription!
Don’t forget: even if the prescription contains a specific pump manufacturer, you can choose an Ardo pump at the DME of your choice.

health insuranceStep 2: Insurance Card!
Have your insurance card on you when you are ready to order your Ardo breast pump.

pumpStep 3: Order Form!
Go to ardo-usa.com and select “Free Breast Pump. Or go directly to our order form here.


After you enter your basic information like name, contact, insurance, due date, et., Ardo will match you with an Ardo-authorized DME supplier who will accept and bill your insurance at no cost to you. Depending on insurance plan, some DMEs offer an upgrade version of the Ardo breast pump package for which you only would have to pay small upgrade charge. Many of these upgrade packages contain additional items like a hand pump, breastfeeding bag, additional breast shells and bottles, etc.  Once the DME has verified your insurance plan, the DME will ship your Ardo pump free of charge.

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