All parents want to provide the best for their babies and having a true closed system breast pump should be a top priority. However, the term “closed system” is not highly regulated in the pump industry and many pump companies claim that their pumps are a closed system when, in fact, they are not. Why does this matter? In an open system breast pump, there is no physical barrier preventing milk, moisture, and airborne contaminants from entering the tubing and engine of the breast pump. With an open system pump, it is NOT possible to completely sterilize the pump mechanism and risk of contamination by bacteria/mold/viruses/etc. increases.  

Because the phrase “closed system” is unregulated, pump companies often make this erroneous claim in their marketing efforts, often putting the health of babies at risk. Mothers frequently share with us that their pump claims to be a closed system but they repeatedly see condensation or milk in the tubing. They are instructed to replace the tubing or wipe the faceplate of the pump. These instructions are provided because milk backflow has accumulated in these components.

Mothers and lactation professionals can trust Ardo’s true closed system design. The silicone membrane integrated into the Ardo Calypso pumpset is at the heart of our “Vacuum Seal” technology. This technology ensures that there is a total barrier between breast milk and any pathogenic agents. Pumped breast milk stays exactly where it should, in the bottle and not backing up into the tubing or pump motor. With an Ardo Calypso, mothers can rest assured knowing that their precious milk gets from breast to baby without our ever circulating through the tubing or engine first.