Don’t compare what you pump to what other moms pump!

Many moms worry that the milk they pump doesn’t look like what other moms have posted on social media – milk bottles filled with over 5oz of milk, a fat layer so think that the bottle can be turned over without spilling the milk, or a freezer stacked with bag upon bag of breast milk. Seeing photos like these might make you feel as though your pumped milk isn’t good enough. But trust us, that just isn’t true! No two babies are the same so why should what you pump be the same as those other moms? Your body produces exactly the milk your baby needs at that moment in time – including the perfect fat to water ratio and antibody count.

Different milk

The two babies in this picture have very different needs and, therefore, the milk that the two mothers pump is very different. The cutie on the left is going through a growth spurt, so she requires milk that is a bit fattier. While the baby on the right is fighting a cold so his milk is chock-full of antibodies, turning the milk into a creamy yellow color. In fact, the composition of your breast milk not only changes during a single feed but the nutrients and cold-busting ingredients change according to the age and development of your baby, providing the perfect food as your baby grows. Like a short order cook, your body constantly customizes the breast milk recipe to meet your baby’s needs at that specific moment in time.

Bottom line – don’t compare what your breast milk looks like to what other mothers pump. Trust in that your body is producing exactly what your baby needs.

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