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Ardo Alyssa Breast Pump


ArdoLight Breast Pump Light

The ArdoLight is your best friend for middle of the night pump sessions or a dark naptime room pump session. ArdoLight clips on to your pump flanges and provides a gentle light so you can pump without turning on the room light or use your phone flashlight. The ArdoLight is specifically designed to not emit sleep disrupting blue light, preventing those in the room from waking up, and allowing you to fall back to sleep quicker after pumping. ArdoLight is rechargeable with the included USB-C charging cable for on-the-go portability. ArdoLight is truly hands and phone-flashlight free as the metal clips fits all regular breast pump flanges, allowing you to observe your milk flowing into the pump bottle. Should the expandable clasp not fit your breast pump model, no worries — the wearable ArdoLight can be loosely hung to your shirt or bra strap. ArdoLight comes as a set of 2 lights. Reports from lactation consultants have shown that mom seeing her milk flow increases the feel-good hormone Oxytocin, which increases milk output.