Written by Jennifer, IBCL

Moms who rely on electricity for pumping breast milk, should think of additional options to power their electric breast pump. In the event of a power outage, especially one that lasts a day or more, parents can find themselves in a significant breastmilk removal bind.  As a healthcare professional, I ask how long does this parent have before their milk supply suffers and adverse effects (pain, engorgement, plugged ducts) are felt? The reality is, it doesn’t take that long for adverse effects to manifest themselves if a pump session is delayed. Feedback Inhibitor of Lactation (FIL), a protein present in human milk, slows milk production. There is more FIL present when breasts are full, telling the body to make less milk. This increase of FIL would happen when a mother is unable to empty her breasts. Conversely, when breasts are emptied regularly, there is less FIL. With more frequent emptying of the breast, the body knows to increase milk production and reduce the amount of FIL present.

Many pump companies want to help parents in instances of power outages and have taken some actions to help these parents by offering rechargeable options. It’s an admirable decision to manufacture a rechargeable pump for moms on-the-go, but many rechargeable options only last less than one hour of pumping.

During a power outage, it isn’t possible to charge a built-in rechargeable battery, such as during a power outage.  In this case, a mother essentially has a paperweight that looks a lot like a breast pump.

This is why ARDO designed the Calypso personal pump to have the ability to utilize simple AA batteries, in addition to a regular power adapter or the optional car adapter. With this battery feature, pumping is now an option anywhere, including sustained power outages. There is no concern about voltage (the Ardo Calypso accepts a voltage range of 110-240V), power outages, or a need for recharging. This feature adds more than portability, it offers peace of mind for a very common situation which can easily disrupt access to pumping otherwise.

A less known, yet important, fact: Devices with built-in rechargeable Li-Ion batteries are NOT permitted in checked-in luggage on airplanes according to FAA. So mothers need to carry pumps with built-in batteries, in addition to everything else they need to haul into the cabin.


With ARDO, mothers can pump with confidence, anytime, anywhere.