Ardo Care Lanolin Nipple Cream (10ml/0.3 fl oz)


  • 100% ULTRA-PURE LANOLIN: Highest quality lanolin cream from Europe; 100% ultra-pure medical grade lanolin; unbleached and free of any additives (no colorings, fragrances or preservatives, no BHT or other antioxidants, no parabens)
  • QUICK & EFFECTIVE RELIEF: Soothes and helps protect sore and cracked nipples of breastfeeding mothers to keep the skin soft and supple; restores and supplements the skin’s natural oils that are removed during breastfeeding
  • SAFE FOR BABY: No need to remove before breastfeeding
  • BREASTFEEDING MUST-HAVE: Smooth consistency; easy to spread; neutral taste and smell
  • FOR ANY TYPE OF SKIN: Suitable for all skin types – very dry to oily; not only for cracked nipple – can be used on any skin area
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Each Ardo Care Lanolin contains 10ml (0.3 fl oz) of 100% ultra-pure medical grade lanolin that is unbleached and free of antioxidants, preservatives, or other additives. Apply the lanolin nipple cream after breastfeeding or as needed. Rub a small quantity between the fingertips and apply it to the nipple or areola. It may be helpful to gently knead the tube or warm it in your hands before use. Ardo Care Lanolin does not have to be removed before breastfeeding and is harmless if swallowed by your baby. Ardo Care Lanolin is a biological product that closely resembles the natural oils of human skin. It is the ideal product to replace the skin’s oils that are lost during breastfeeding.


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