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Quietest Breastpump on the Market*

The Calypso Double plus collection features independent vacuum and cycle adjustment for 64 total settings, allowing your breast pump to mimic exactly how your baby breastfeeds at your breast. This breast pumping collection includes three different breast flange sizes to ensure that you can find the right fit to suite your unique nipples. We are proud to say that our Calypso breast pump is one of the only piston-operated breast pumps on the market, allowing you to pump more milk with comfort and ease! The Calypso breast pump is the quietest breast pump on the market so you can pump with ease and discretion. The AA battery operation option, in addition to a regular power adapter, allows you to pump anytime, anywhere. This collection also contains the two soft Optiflow massage inserts (26mm) so you can actively massage your breast and ensure efficient and gentle expression. The Optiflow inserts are especially helpful to perform ‘hands on’ massaging while pumping to help relieve those pesky clogged ducts. Ardo’s 400 hour warranty (or one year — whichever is better for you) assures you of a reliable Swiss Made breast pump that you can depend on. We are happy to claim that we are WHO Code Compliant!

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Important Features:

  • Pump More Milk with the Calypso, piston-operated breast pump to help you pump more milk with comfort and ease!
  • Quietest Breast Pump and on the market – the compact design (1lb weight) and the reduced sound level allow discreetly pump
  • Double electric breast pump (pump both breasts at the same time), Hand Pump
  • Complete with stylish breast pump messenger bag, cooler bag, and related accessories
  • Includes the Amaryll hand pump attachment
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Extended 400 hour or one-year guarantee — whichever is better for the mother
  • The suction strength (vacuum) and frequency settings (cycle) can be adjusted individually and independently from each other – 64 total settings
  • AA battery capability for pumping when on-the-go or during a power outage
  • Three different breast flange sizes included
  • Completely closed-system breast pump that offers complete protection from contamination and pathogenic agents, and no milk in tubes thanks to Vacuum Seal Technology
  • Optiflow actively massages the breast to help relieve clogged ducts and help avoid mastitis
  • Efficient and comfortable pumping experience
  • Includes a cleaning brush

Includes: Calypso breastpump, 2 pumpsets with multiple breast shells (26 mm and 31 mm), 2 breast shell inserts (28 mm), 2 Optiflow 26 mm, brush for cleaning, bottle holder, battery compartment, power adapter, 2 lip valves (spare part)

17 reviews for Calypso Breast Pump – Double Plus Collection

  1. Libby

    Perfect for on the go or working Mom’s – This is a good pump. i love how small it is so i can just slip the whole thing in my purse and go. I also can go buy a pack of batteries if i’m on the go and use that option. However the bottle leaks like crazy i’ve tried tightening it and still i find my pants wet from breast milk because of the leaking from the bottle. I did go to the store and bought a regular bottle that fits the flange and haven’t had a leak since. I’d definitely recommend this for working mom’s because of the size. It’s so much easier then having a bigger pump so you’re not having to carry two different bags into work. So all in all the only complaint i have is the leaking bottle, but it was an easy $1 fix!

  2. Jackie

    YOU NEED THIS – LIFE CHANGER! – I will say it again, you need this pump – It’s life changing! I went to the Chicago Baby Show last year and I talked with Ardo, Madela, Spectra and Lansinoh. I was pregnant with my first child and was clueless on pumps, but I knew I needed one. Talking to each manufacturer was helpful but overwhelming thinking that I didn’t want to make the wrong decision on something that was a way for a source of food for my future baby!

    So, I went to all the manufacturing sites; watched quite a few youtube videos in addition to asking everyone I knew what pump to get. All my nurses said Medela and I asked them why…they said because everyone else had it. I knew I didn’t want the Medela because I wanted a “closed” system. I was really worried about getting mold in the tubes. The more I researched, the more bad reviews I saw for Spectra. So I took that out of the running as well, which left Ardo and Lansinoh.

    I ended up selecting the Lansinoh since it was Bluetooth capable, a closed system and had a timer with battery capability. It was nice. I used it for about 2 months but hated it. Yes, it had an app on your phone, but you still had to enter in most of the info, so you could use that app with any pump, so it wasn’t as spectacular as I thought it would be. With that being said, I kept thinking about the Ardo Calypso Pump and regretting that I hadn’t gotten it. So, I ended up ordering one off Ebay for a “backup” pump in the car and when I traveled (since it passes all laws for traveling on planes). I know, I was kind of grossed out to buy off ebay but I didn’t have the money to buy a second “backup” one.

    Well, let’s just say I never touched my Lansinoh pump EVER again after getting my Ardo Calypso Pump! This pump is more than AMAZING, it’s really life changing!! Here are the amazing features of it that are so useful:

    1. SUCKING – It’s SO natural, and by that I mean, it has the same mechanism of a baby sucking on you. Every other pump doesn’t have the natural sucking, so it wouldn’t get the milk out like my baby would. Due to that, I was able to pump so much more, than having the other pumps that didn’t “suck” the same way my baby did. It has 64 setting sizes so you can find which one your baby does most.
    Also, on a side note, you really need the correct size nipple shield so your nipples don’t hurt during pumping. Ardo offers FIVE sizes where every other company only offers two sizes. This is important if you don’t want to mess up your nipples.

    2. SOUND – Did you hear that? Me either! It’s that quiet! The highest setting has a small hum to it but I used my settings as half way. My best friends had her baby one month before I did. She got the medela. Well 6 months later, we do girls weekend and pumped together. Hers was SO loud and it gets super annoying – kinda like hearing your alarm clock go off.

    3. ELECTRIC & BATTERY – I rarely use the battery feature, but WAY nice to have when you need it! Your electric ever go out? How are you going to pump? Want to pump but not in a gross bathroom and not near your car? The batteries last for 5-6 hours, which an average pumping session is up to 30 minutes, so that’s about 12 pumping sessions before you need to change or recharge your batteries. Don’t forget, this pump also works with electric as well as if you get a converter for your car.

    I will tell you over and over and over again how amazing this pump is and you will not regret it!

    I am waiting for Baby #2 to order my next pump, which will again definitely be the Ardo Calypso Pump, so then I’ll have two!

    On a side note: I went through who goes through your insurance company for you to save you the stress. There’s so many companies out there, but Aero Flow was the first company to get back to me (and they happened to have the pumps I wanted). All my friends used them too!

  3. Kelly

    Quiet,customizable and great suction – 1. Very portable and small, makes it super easy when traveling or taking to work everyday
    2. Love that you get to decide on suction intensity and pull. Makes this super customizable and you can figure out what works best for you
    3. Super quiet compared to other pumps! So helpful if you are an every day pumper!! Hearing that annoying pumping noise all the time will seriously make you go crazy LOL. This is a very soft noise

  4. JLin

    Quiet and easy to use – I love how quiet this pump is. Like no other! My friend has one and it is definitely on my wish list

  5. Becca

    A Must Have! – I was able to get this pump through my insurance and I really like it. I also own the Spectra S2 and I would have to say they are pretty comparable. I love how quiet this pump is and that I can travel with it.

  6. Lcray

    This pump was built to last! – I have been using the Calypso for almost 3 years for 2 babies and after trying 4 other pumps I can truly say that this was the one that has been the most reliable for me. It’s quiet, effective, and has lasted through many hours of use. Being almost done with breastfeeding I am excited that due to the closed construction, I can safely pass it on to another momma!

  7. Lcray

    This pump was built to last! – I have been using the Calypso for almost 3 years for 2 babies and after trying 4 other pumps I can truly say that this was the one that has been the most reliable for me. It’s quiet, effective, and has lasted through many hours of use. Being almost done with breastfeeding I am excited that due to the closed construction, I can safely pass it on to another momma!

  8. Kalie

    Awesome suction – absolutely loved this pump! The suction is strong and kept my supply up! I loved how long the battery lasted and how light weight it was! I used it traveling many times!

  9. Mom2112

    Great pump and output – I love how small and quiet it is! I’m new to pumping and love the amount of milk I get out from using this pump. I had some minor leaking from the flange, but not sure if it was something on my end or the pump. Other than that it works great!

  10. Aubry

    The Perfect Pump – Great pump! This pump is really quiet and comfortable to use. I appreciate that it comes with several size breast shields to help ensure the correct fit and thus a more efficient pump. I love the optiflow massage inserts! Unlike a previous reviewer my bottles did have ML listed on one side and OZ on the other side of the bottles. When I first used it, it did take a little trial and error to get the best vacuum and cycle setting. Even so, I easily pumped 7 ounces in under fifteen minutes. I’ve breastfed three children. My youngest is eleven months old. This is my first time pumping with this child. I typically hand express. I previously used a Pump In Style Advanced with my first child. My biggest issue with which was always getting milk in the tubing. The vacuum seal technology on this pump is incredible. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase. This is an amazing pump. I only wish I had splurged for the upgrade. I still need to find a cute bag for this pump.

  11. FTMama

    Very quiet! Great settings, but wish it was hands free! – This pump is very, very quiet! That part was great. And I found that it suctioned to me better than the Medela pump. It has multiple settings, which is great, however, I found that I had to turn it all the way up to get the setting that worked for me, and I could’ve used a higher setting option. I liked the little bottle holder that it came with. However, I currently use a Freemie pump, and I think I’ll end up sticking to that pump, as I find the pumps with bottles too cumbersome and awkward to use, and I almost spill milk every time I try them. Thank you to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this pump to try, but I think I’ll end up donating it and finding it a good home with a different mom.

  12. MS

    Definitely quieter, but room for improvement – As part of the Weespring parent panel, I tried the Ardo Calypso pump. I have the Medela Freestyle and Pump In Style, so that was my comparison. The Ardo Calypso was undoubtedly quieter….if that’s a big issue for you, then this is your pump. If not, here are some of my concerns.

    1. The instructions that came in the box are not thorough. Putting a pump together without clear instructions is challenging. I had to watch multiple you tube videos to figure out how to put the pump together, which was a bit frustrating.
    2. You can’t use this pump with the any of the hands free pumping bras (or at least any of the ones I own). Holding the pump for 20 min per pump session for people who pump multiple times a day, feels painful. I pump at work so not working during that time is tough.
    3. The vacuum and cycle aspects of this machine are confusing. The instructions never really explain how this works or what these actually do. The Medela pumps don’t seem to have these buttons, so I was a bit confused. After watching a few videos, it seems like you need to adjust them as you pump…I prefer a pump that does what it needs to do all on it’s own.
    4. In theory, the Optimizer sounds interesting, especially if it yields more milk…but, again there was no explanation on how to use this, for how long, etc.
    5. The bottle is in mL. I imagine this is an easy fix, but I operate in ounces.

  13. Pharmamomma

    Loving this new closed system pump – After using the Medela Symphony for about 3 months successfully I was curious how the Ardo Calypso would stack up. I will say I am pleasantly surprised with my Calypso. It is quiet (Symphony is also quiet) and just as efficient as the hospital grade pump but much lighter (my back thanks you!). Also one thing I love is how the tubing doesn’t collect condensation like the Medela pumps so you can just turn the pump off when you are done. I will say I find it a bit cumbersome to switch between double and single pumping (like I often did with my Medela because I produce more on left than right) and it does get some getting used to adjusting the settings when you get started. Also I like that I can use the Medela bottles which means Dr Brown bottles will fit too. I received this breast pump as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  14. Amanda

    I love this new pump! – “I love this new pump! And it came right on time too as my old pump just bit the dust a few weeks ago. I have used it at work since Monday. I really like the different settings and the soft inserts. It’s so much more comfortable and fits great. And I love how quiet it is! I don’t have to feel so embarrassed pumping at the office now! Now I just need to find a cute bag for it! PS. My son and I have been going strong for nearly 16 months now!”

  15. Krys F

    Great Pump, my favorite by far! – I am a working mom of 3 and spend a good deal of time out on the road away from my baby. I started using this pump when my son was 12 months old and have been using it for nearly 6 months. I love how I have full control over the speed and strength of the suction and am really able to mimic my baby’s nursing style.

    I also love how quiet this pump is! I can pump comfortably in an office or on the phone without the worry of others hearing the pump.

    This being a closed system is a huge added bonus for me because I can use this unit through multiple children!

    I’ve used a number of different brands and this is the only one that I have stuck with! I can’t recommend it enough!

  16. Kathleen Huggins, R.N., M.S., IBCLC, Author of “The Nursing Mothers’ Companion”

    Highly Recommended – The family of Ardo pumps are the finest available breast pumps on the market today. Ardo has considered the need for effectiveness, a quiet, closed system, as well as a choice of flange sizes. With the Swiss design and manufacturing, choosing Ardo means that mothers finally have a pump that out shines every other. Ardo is perfect pump for every mother.

  17. Sierra S.

    Best breast pump! – This is my second pumping journey and how badly I’ve wanted an Ardo pump. After plenty of research, I was sold on the companies compliance with the WHO Breastfeeding Code, the closed system, and the quietest pump on the market. This pump has not disappointed!! I’m a childbirth educator and doula and recommend it to all of my clients. Even the hand pump is helpful on occasion and I’ve had the best customer service experience. I highly recommend this pump!

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