Calypso Essentials (available through insurance)

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Quietest Breast Pump on the Market*

The Ardo Calypso Essentials breast pump is the only personal breast pump made in Switzerland!  It features independent vacuum and cycle adjustment – 64 total settings for maximum comfort and gentleness.  Moms report that the Ardo Calypso “feels like baby”!  Vacuum SealTM technology creates a completely closed system – no milk in the tubes or pump.  The unique Line&LockTM feature of the pump set secures the lid against accidental pull-off and spillage.  Can be operated with included wall power adapter or with simple AA in case of power outage.  The Ardo Calypso weighs only 1.2lb for maximum portability. Ardo’s 400-hour or 1-year warranty (whichever is longer) assures the mother of a reliable Swiss Made breast pump that she can depend on. World Health Organization (WHO) Code Compliant. Includes two 26mm breast shells (four additional sizes available separately).

*See noise tests and more information here.

The Ardo Calypso Esssentials line is available only to DMEs as insurance-covered breast pump. Includes: Calypso breast pump, power adapter, Double Pumpset (26 mm with 150ml/5fl.oz bottles), instructions for use, 2 spare lip valves, 2 bottle stands, AA battery function, in brown box. Six additional flange sizes and additional accessories available for purchase separately. Batteries not included.

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Important Features:

  • Quietest Breastpump on the Market*
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Very gentle due to Hospital Technology (cylinder/piston, like in hospital pumps)
  • Unique Line&LockTM mechanism secures lids on breast flange against accidental pull-off
  • Extremely light, 1.2 pounds
  • Extended 400 hour or 1-year warranty on entire pump (not only on the pump motor) - whichever is later
  • The suction strength (vacuum) and frequency settings (cycle) can be adjusted individually and independently from each other - 64 total settings
  • Flexible setting allows individual let-down and expression settings, leading to comfortable pumping with maximum milk expression
  • Moms report that Ardo Calypso "feels like baby"
  • Complete protection from contamination and pathogenic agents, and no milk in tubes thanks to Vacuum SealTM technology
  • Efficient and comfortable pumping experience
  • The compact design and the reduced sound level allow discreet expression

Includes: Calypso breastpump, power adapter, Double Pumpset (26 mm, with 2 bottles 150ml/5fl.oz.), instructions for use, 2 spare lip valves, 2 bottle stands, includes AA battery function, in brown box

99 reviews for Calypso Essentials (available through insurance)

  1. Mijin Kim

    Highly Recommend ! – I love this pump and for the fact that it is covered by my insurance. the pump is quiet and really easy to clean. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends in the state and overseas.

  2. Andrew Wang

    Great Pump! – i love the presentation for this pump at the baby expo and I’m also excited that I didn’t have to pay for this equipment cause it’s covered by my insurance! How great is that, the pump is relatively quiet and very easy to clean. My wife also says its very comfortable. highly recommend to new parents and anyone expecting.

  3. Maymuna

    10/10 – I love this pump. I was able to get it through my insurance, at first I was nervous too because I haven’t had any friends who knew about the brand. But I’m so glad I decided to try it out, it’s so much quieter than my previous pump, more portable, easy to clean, and works better overall. I’m not sitting and pumping all day, with this pump I average around 15minutes to get a good pump.

  4. SKG24

    Great pump – This pump was easy to use and I love how many different settings it has! My favorite features are that it is lightweight, quiet, has a battery back-up, and is super easy to transport anywhere I go. Would definitely recommend this pump to my mom friends!

  5. ECNYC

    One of my top picks – I’m giving this 4 stars because I haven’t used it yet. I’m still in the process of deciding which pump to get, but this is definitely at the top of my list. I was introduced to the brand at the Baby Show in NYC where I got to see the machine in person. I was impressed at the quietness and the relatively small size and weight of it. I like that it’s a closed system and has the various settings to make it as tailored to each mother’s preferences as possible. The sales rep was also very knowledgable, which is a good sign. Lastly, I do have to say I like that it’s a Swiss brand which hopefully translates into Swiss quality.

  6. lapopp05

    Awesome Pump – I really liked this pump, but I had issues figuring out how to use it properly. I eventually got the hang of how to use it and I was able to pump and feed my little one until she was one with this pump!

  7. Nessa

    Great – It’s a very good pump no pain i love it.

  8. Casaundra

    Great for working moms, but wish the battery life was better. – I have never been a huge fan of the pumps available in stores, so I ended up renting a hospital grade pump as it was the only one that seemed to work efficiently. After receiving this pump as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel, I was pleasantly surprised with the suction and the quietness of the motor. I can barely talk over my Medela Freestyle it’s so loud. I love that the Calypso is so portable, but it would be a lot nicer if it had a rechargeable battery. I had to change out the batteries after only 5 pumping sessions. It was very comfortable, and I loved that there wasn’t a ton of tiny pieces to wash. Overall a great pump that worked well for this working mama!

  9. pumpingmama

    So quiet, so awesome. – I was a Medela loyalist until the weeSpring Parent Panel gave me an opportunity to try out this pump. These are my own unfiltered thoughts and my 100% honest opinion.

    The best things about this pump:
    – It’s super quiet. I was used to feeling so self-conscious in my office when pumping because I felt like everyone could hear me. Not so with this pump.
    – It has a closed system. I didn’t even really understand what that was, but now that I know about it, I would never consider a pump that wasn’t a closed system (it means that your breastmilk is insulated from the pumping mechanism with a silicon cap).
    – It’s really customizable, so you can adjust both the strength and the speed.

    The one downside, in my opinion, is that I didn’t always feel like I was getting as strong suction, even when it was on one of the really high settings. That may have been because I didn’t have the valves tightened properly, so be sure to watch out for that.

    Overall, highly recommend!

  10. Boy mom

    Nice easy to use pump – I recieved this as part of the wee spring parent panel to review. I use it to pump occasionally to build a stash for a friends child. Previously I have used a Medela freestyle as well as a ameda purely yours pumps. This one works well and is quiet. I like the silicone flanges too. It makes it more comfortable.

  11. hb

    No more noise pollution! – I had the chance to try this breast pump as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel.

    I am overall very pleased with the performance of this pump, and it lives up to it’s reputation. It really is impressively quiet, I mean really, really, quiet. I was so used to my previous pump which made an obnoxious and consistent noise almost like — if you can just try to imagine this — a mix between a honking sound and a gear. No one can sleep through that noise, much less try to focus on anything.
    I also appreciate the ease of use (once over the learning curve, more on that in a second), and the ability to truly adjust the suction and speed.

    Overall, I would recommend this pump to anyone. I would just be sure to pass on some learning tips and instructions.

  12. awebb622

    good breast pump – i was given this breast pump as part of the wee spring parent panel. i was initially excited since this pump definitely has been a hot topic. i like that the pump was light making it great for pumping at work and travel. this pump was also less noisy than other pumps i have tried. i was kind of overwhelmed opening the box, there were way more parts than other pumps i have used. i also found the suction to be not as strong as other pumps i have tried. overall i’d say this is a good, not great pump, especially good for travel or at work pumping.

  13. Jennalea

    Love this pump! – I got this pump to try, I Love how easy this pump is to use! It collected more breastmilk in a shorter amount of time. Very versatile! Would definitely recommend this pump.

  14. Momto3boys

    Good pump for moms on the go – I received this pump as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel. I have been using a medela pump in style from the beginning so a closed system was different for me. The pros to this pump is that it’s a closed system and you get zero condensation in your rubbing. It’s small,compact and you can put it in any bag of your choice. It comes with various flanges of different size which is a plus. You can adjust the speed and suction and personally for me I had to have it on the highest on both to get it to work for me. The only downside is that there isn’t a let down phase which my medela has and I felt that the suction wasn’t as strong but that just may be personal preference. Though the tubing doesn’t get any condensation, it does seem to pick up lint. All in all, it’s a descent pump that gets the job done and it’s pretty quiet compared to other pumps.

  15. Momto3boys

    Good pump for moms on the go. – I received this pump as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel. I have been using a medela pump in style from the beginning so a closed system was different for me. The pros to this pump is that it’s a closed system and you get zero condensation in your rubbing. It’s small,compact and you can put it in any bag of your choice. It comes with various flanges of different size which is a plus. You can adjust the speed and suction and personally for me I had to have it on the highest on both to get it to work for me. The only downside is that there isn’t a let down phase which my medela has and I felt that the suction wasn’t as strong but that just may be personal preference. Though the tubing doesn’t get any condensation, it does seem to pick up lint. All in all, it’s a descent pump that gets the job done and it’s pretty quiet compared to other pumps.

  16. IL Mom of Three

    Converted to Calypso – I will confess that after using four different Medela pumps for three different babies, getting started with this pump was a bit intimidating (heck, any new pump would be hard after being in such an automatic routine!) but after a couple instruction videos and trial and error, I was off and running. Love how many options there are for customizing fit and pumping style. I was also SO impressed with how quiet the pump was – my husband slept right through the middle of the night pumping sessions when my now four month old was just starting to sleep longer stretches at night. I’m not in an office setting this time around, but think this would have been awesome at work – much more incognito – wouldn’t have to retreat to a separate space due to the pumping noise. From a maintenance standpoint, I think the closed system is great (why don’t all pump makers do this? So smart. Nice work, Ardo) and how easy it is to clean parts. I was fortunate to receive this pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel for my honest review.

  17. Elizabeth C.

    Good pump, but not fabulous. – I’ve pumped with multiple pumps over the course of my time nursing, 11 years, 3 pumps. Of the pumps that I have owned, this one is the quietest. I had acceptable output with it, but had a lot of trouble getting the settings adjusted just so. I would rather have a programmed pumping cycle or knobs, rather than up and down arrows. The closed system is a bonus, no worries about nasty internals or condensation. Assembly was on par for closed system pumps, more pieces, of course, but otherwise no issues.

    I received this pump as part of the WeeSpring Parent panel.

  18. Mamaof3

    Can’t get it with insurance? Buy It anyway! – I received this pump from Weespring for free for my honest review. I’ve always been lucky to be able to use Medals Symphony hospital grade pump for all of my babies, but it was always borrowed. If I had to buy a pump out my OWN pocket it would be the Calypso Double Plus. It is comparable to the Symphony with the output I was able to get. I like that it is a closed system so there was no gross liquid residue in the tubing. Being very silent helped with the take a call at work while pumping without having to stop or hope those on the other end of the line can’t hear that typical “pumping song”. Huge bonus… it’s not bulky and heavy! You can easily travel and take back and forth to work without indenting your shoulder or needing a small suitcase. Calypso is worth every single penny!

  19. Dana J

    Better than Medela – I love how small this pump is. It fits in my diaper bag with all my other mom essentials. I seriously cannot believe how quiet this machine is! And it sucks just as good as my Medela pump! This is a good pump for moms who have to pump at work and don’t want people in another room to know they’re pumping. It’s discrete. I love it. WeeSpring Parent Panel sent me this to review and I’m so happy they did!! I love my new pump!

  20. Caroline

    Great pump, huge improvement over others – I own 2 other pumps and this is by far the quietest and smoothest. I like all the different settings, though I agree with a previous user that I wish it saved the settings. It’s easy to clean (a huge bonus when you’re cleaning it multiple times a day), and super quiet. I’ve used the pump at work, so the noise level is an important bonus for me even though I have a door. I tried this pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  21. lrubins

    Super light weight and Quiet – The Calypso Ardo breastpump is super light weight and small compared to others on the market. Its quiet and portable and there are NOT a lot of pieces required in order to make the pump operate. So, it is easy to transport the pump from room to room depending on where you want to pump. It is super quiet and has an nice bright display if you are pumping at night. It is easy to operate with only three buttons, user manual not needed, super user friendly. The closed system is also a plus, it keeps milk and condensation out of the tubing, and requires less maintenance when cleaning. I received the pump from WeeSpring in order to test so only a 26mm shell size was included, which worked perfect for me, but I would have loved to test the massaging inserts, which are included if you purchase the pump. Literally, cleaning is a breeze since this pump does not have that many parts. Overall I was very happy with the pump. This has become my main go to pump for baby #2.

  22. Crystal Morin

    Great pump! – I was lucky and was part of a parent panel through Weespring to review the Ardo double breast pump. I’ve tried Ameda, Medela, and a hospital grade pump 13 yrs ago. The first thing I loved about the Ardo was how quiet it is, no rythmic dancing to the sound and worrying about the sound waking a sleeping baby. I literally sat next to my sleeping daughter and pumped without a flinch. I had to play with the setting to figure out what worked best for me, but I loved that I could simulate the fast and ferocious my daughter has at first to get a let down then switch to a gentle long draw that almost made me forget I was pumping. I normally don’t respond well to a pump and can only get an ounce off both breasts when engourged so I was quite shocked when I pumped 3 oz off 1 breast after being away from my daughter for 2 hours. I didn’t receive the inserts so I can’t attest to them but would still recommend without them. With the Ardo pumping isn’t as tedious and I could pump while watching tv with my husband without having to turn the tv up to drown out the sound we all have become accustomed to with pumping. Would definitely recommend to any mom!

  23. Kristen

    A good pump for a veteran pumper – I was excited to try this pump as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel. I have two children and am currently exclusively pumping with my youngest, who is 11 months old. I have tried the Medela Symphony, Pump In Style, and Spectra and now the Calypso.

    Pros: This pump is quiet and that makes pumping peaceful and relaxing. The suction doesn’t hurt which is something I loved. The initial suction/let down is my least favorite part about pumping. I love the size and ease of transport for the pump itself.

    Cons: I didn’t like all the parts. Even though some came pre-assembled, I just felt like there were a lot of pieces. I could see that being very intimidating to a newbie. In addition, while the suction didn’t hurt, I never really got great production with this pump, compared to the Pump in Style.

    Overall though, a great pump! Thank you WeeSpring and Ardo for the chance to try it out.

  24. Lindsey

    So quiet! – I was able to try this pump thanks to WeeSpring Parent Panel. It is so quiet! It’s nice to be able to pump around my other kids and not have them distracted by the noise of the machine. It’s compact and light weight. The suction and speed dials were awesome to adjust – I felt like I was making the most of my time (as I usually prefer a hand pump for speed) The shields weren’t super comfortable as I didn’t have the inserts but it got the job done none the less. Overall this is a great small electric pump!

  25. E.D

    Really is super quiet – I have been pumping since my baby was born. Initially it was due to oversupply, but as my supply began regulate I didn’t need to pump much until I returned to work. That’s when I truly realized the importance of a quality pump.

    My favorite aspects of this pump is that it’s really quiet. My Medela PISA is extremely loud. Not only would it wake up my baby, it was so embarrassing to pump at work because you could hear it from my office.

    I just love that it’s a closed system. It’s more sanitary and that’s so important when handling breast milk. It’s also one of the smallest, most portable pumps I’ve seen and used. I seriously love that it can fit in my purse and not take up the whole bag. Battery operated makes its great for traveling and when your on the go.

    The only negatives are mostly relating to the flange sizes and even though I like the silicon. They didn’t seem to work as well. It also takes a little getting used to figure out how to get the right settings since there isn’t a letdown button, but the suction is wonderful. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump!

  26. Mom of Two

    Good pump for the on the go mom with a solid milk supply – This pump is very light-weight and compact. It is by far the quietest pump I’ve seen. The fact that it comes with so many flanges is incredible to ensure proper fit. Unfortunately, I needed a pump with a stronger suction, so this is not the ideal pump for me. The massaging flanges seem like they could be great. The only downside I saw for a woman who does not need a hospital grade pump is that it does not have a timer. I’m very glad I had the opportunity to try this pump through the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  27. jhywang

    it is SUPER QUIET and very easy on the nipples – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. I have a Medela double breast pump which I have always liked and will use as a comparison.
    At first, it is a bit intimidating with all the parts.
    Once hooked up, it is SUPER QUIET and very easy on the nipples.
    It’s great that it takes AA batteries for when you’re on the go and not near an outlet.
    It has a good range of volumes and cycles. My old pump has a brisk and rapid pumping cycle in the beginning to stimulate milk production and then after a fixed period automatically lowers to a slower cycle of pumping. Ardo recommends the uses of a higher level of cycle and lower vacuum to stimulate milk production. Once the milk starts flowing, then you adjust to a lower cycle with a higher vacuum. This was difficult to adjust while pumping and holding both bottles in one hand to change the settings unless I was wearing a double pump bra. Instead, I don’t adjust and use a medium setting for both vacuum and cycle throughout. This does make it take a little bit longer to pump the same amount.
    Cleaning is not difficult. However, since I work and pump several times during my work-day plus have a limited time to pump, rinsing and removing the valve was harder in-between pumps, whereas with the Medela, I just peel off the membrane and replace a new clean one in seconds so I am ready to go next time. If you’re not pressed for time, its a terrific pump, very well-made, and a quality product.

  28. amk

    quality but confusing – Pros: Consistent and smooth level of expression, whether on battery or power cord. I’ve found that my other pump works so much better when plugged in and is only partially effective (though puts me at risk for infection) when on battery. So this pump was great to use in the car or while traveling and operating on batteries.

    I also love how portable it is. Unlike the other pump I’ve used, there are no built in bags, so I can carry the pump easily around with me.

    It is super quiet! I can actually be on the phone while I’m pumping without worrying about what the other caller will think I’m doing.

    Cons: It is confusing to assemble. I would love to be able to figure out how to use it out of the box without needing to watch lengthy videos more than once. It is not intuitive.

    The number of parts are hard to keep track of without some kind of carrying case. This makes the pump more susceptible to germs.

    There are no automatic cycles, so you have to know what speed and intensity is best for your body, which makes this great for a second time mom of an older baby like me, but less ideal for a new mom who has this as her first pump.

    Thanks to the WeeSpring Parent Panel for the gift!

  29. Alicia

    Peaceful pumping – Because of the weeSpring Parent Panel I was able to give this pump a try. I love how quit the pump is for two main reasons. The first reason being I could hear what my older children were doing in the other room over this pump. Also when away from baby I could listen to videos of baby crying to help with let down. I love that it is a closed system pump and I don’t have to worry about contamination. I love that it fits into any bag that I choose and it’s super light. I do wish that the pump would save settings just so I didn’t have to take the time to adjust them every time I went to pump. Overall an amazing pump and I will be recommending it.

  30. Ru’s Reviews

    Yes, I would recommend this pump! – I own three breast pumps, and this is by FAR the best. It is easy to use, and also very easy to clean. I love that there’s no way for milk to get back into the pump. The suction is great, and I get more milk with this pump! I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel

  31. still pumping

    pump review – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. I like many moms are probably MEdela breast pump users. I felt it was very comparable to Medela. It is very small and travel friendly. Although it was difficult to set up initially. Very safe for baby which is very important to all moms. This is my third child and I am happy to say that with my 13 month old, I am still going strong in my nursing journey and having this extra pump sure helps tremendously! Thank you again.

  32. Kelly

    Good if you’re focused on quiet and not speed – I was given the opportunity to try this pump by the WeeSpring Parent Panel (thank you!). I love that it is a closed system. I was excited to try it because it is so quiet and could have been perfect for using at work while I’m on conference calls. Unfortunately, I was never able to find the right speed (combination of speed and suction power) that would allow me to pump the same amount of milk in the same amount of time as I pump with my other, louder pump. At work I need I need my pump sessions to be as short as possible so I can get to my next meeting, which means this won’t be my go-to pump. I will use it when I have some extra time and am most focused on having a quiet pump session so that I can make calls.

    I had difficulty assembling the parts at first, but there is a great instructional video that shows you how to do it properly and I quickly got the hang of it.

    In summary, I would only recommend this pump if you are truly in need of something very quiet, and have extra time to pump in case it takes you longer than it would with another pump.

  33. Amanda

    Love the closed system! – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. My previous pump was/is a Hygeia Q. I was happy to see that the Calypso shared one of my favorite features from this pump, the closed system. I like knowing that I don’t have to worry about contamination from an open system pump. Upon first use, I was pleasantly surprised by how quiet this pump is! Since I primarily pump for infrequent bottles, I was pleased to produce more then I expected during the first time I used the pump. The variable controls made it easy to adjust during my session to better suit my needs. I wish that there was a way to save settings, or have the pump return to the setting most recently used when you turn it on. Since I only pump a few times a week, it can be difficult to remember what settings were working best for me. Overall, a small, quiet, comfortable (well, as comfortable as pumping can be!) machine that I will continue to use during my breastfeeding journey.

  34. Valerie

    Worth it! – Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump – I’m so glad that you did! The pump itself is whisper quiet and does a great job. I love how there’s no way that the milk will back up into the tubing or anywhere that it’s not suppose to go. This has beat out my Lansinoh and I’m so glad to have it!

  35. Mommy of 2

    Awesome pump! – This pump has worked amazing! I love how quiet and easy it is to use! Clean up is also easy. I love the pump controls so you can adjust the pump to what is comfortable to you! Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump!

  36. Jenn B.

    I wanted to LOVE this pump! – I honestly wanted to love this pump. Out of the package, it is simple and sleek. Sure, there are pieces to assemble, but the bottles come pre-assembled which makes reassembling them much easier. The pump itself is compact and no-fuss; ideal for traveling back and forth or discreetly hiding at your office. Is it quiet? Absolutely. The quietest pump I have? No, but it takes second place fairly easily.

    As much as I wanted to love this pump, and trust me, I tried for weeks, I didn’t respond to it. Yes, it has 8 levels of suction, but even on the highest setting, there wasn’t enough suction to transfer milk. Could be a flange issue? Maybe. I received this pump for free through the WeeSpring panel so I didn’t have other flange options.

    The manual adjustment options for cycle and suction are nice, but it would be better with a let-down/suckle option as you currently have to change that yourself. Ultimately, I think Calypso has the potential to make an amazing product, but I do think it needs some tweaking.

    Thank you to the WeeSpring Parent Panel for the opportunity to test this breast pump!

  37. Caroline

    Something new, different, and pretty great! – I received this breast pump as a gift from the WeeSpring Parent Panel. Right out of the box I was a little turned off by how many parts there were to assemble. (My dream is to have a breast pump with no parts to put together!) I’ve used a few different pumps in the last 2+ years, including hospital-grade double-electric pumps. All of these pumps have parts to them that need to be assembled and these were no more complicated than any other I have used. I found that these parts are actually more durable and easier to clean than others.

    The best parts about this pump are the noise level and the ability to completely customize your pumping session. I was able to pump very efficiently by increasing and decreasing the levels as needed. It is the quietest pump I’ve used so far and would be a great option for someone pumping in an office. I used it next to my sleeping baby without waking him!

    I would say that this is not a great option for a first-time / “beginner” pumper as I found it helpful to already know how to pump and what speed and strength works best for me. It is not a pump that you could plug in and use right out of the box without reading the instructions a few times and watching at least one instructional video. However, once you know what you are doing it is a great pump!

    The features that I miss when using this pump is a timer and an automatic letdown mode.

  38. Alt

    A great pump – I’ve had the chance to use 3 different pumps for my kid. A Medela Symphony (hospital grade), The First Years Double Breast Pump Quiet Expressions and the Ardo Calypso. So far, the Calypso is my non-hospital grade favorite.

    I found it quite simple to assemble. I LOVED the fact the bottles had their own little stands to make hands free pumping easier since I only really get a chance to pump at my desk when the kid is asleep. I’ve only gotten the chance to use it a handful of times as the kid gets very upset that I’m pumping rather giving the breast directly, but is has been nothing but wonderful every time I’ve used it. It’s not loud at all, which is fantastic for not waking the kid up! The real test will be when it gets used for quite some time. The First Years one I had pretty much died two months in, with maybe 2 pumping sessions a day. We’ll see if the Calypso can outlast that! I sure hope so because the Calypso seems much more sturdily built than it.

    I would like to thank Weespring’s Parents Panel for providing the opportunity to test this amazing product.

  39. MrsPettersen

    Good, quiet pump – I got the chance to try out this pump thanks to theveryone weespring Parent Panel. I absolutely love how quiet it is! I am not so sure just how well it extracts milk over another pump I’ve used, but it seems to do a good job. I am also unsure of the purpose of changing the cycle speed, but that might just be me missing out on something I’m not aware of.

  40. Alli

    Solid Pump for Working and Traveling Moms – I pumped/nursed my first daughter for about 14 months so I’m a fairly seasoned pumper. My first pump was a Medela Pump in Style Advance – a good all-around pump. This time around, I was fortunate to receive the Ardo pump through the weeSpring Parent Panel to try out. Pros: I spend a LOT of time on phone calls and this pump is much quieter than the Medela. So much so that I’m comfortable dialing into calls all hooked up, pumping away. I would never do that with the Medela — my mom regularly called me out if I happened to call her while pumping… I also appreciate that there are a lot of different vacuum and speed variations, although I don’t use them. The Ardo is super compact which is great for traveling and I love that it has fewer small, annoying pieces to clean. Definitely a time saver! Cons: The Medela has two-phase expression technology that mimics baby’s initial fast sucking to stimulate letdown — the fastest suction speed on the Ardo isn’t quick enough to mirror this feature.

  41. Mamallard

    Never thought I’d be this excited about a pump – At this point I pump exclusively, I had to go back to work when my son was only 4 weeks old and now he’s past the year old mark so I’ve spent a lot of quality time with my pump. I received the Medela pump in style advanced through my insurance and I hated pumping. Now I’m not saying this pump makes pumping enjoyable but it does make it much more comfortable. It was so comfortable I was scared it wasn’t going to suck out as much milk but it did!
    It does take some trial and error to figure out which cycle levels and suction levels work best for you but it’s easy to change. I also love that this pump comes with everything: extra sizes, built in battery compartment, and it even comes with a brush to clean it. I used all of those things with my Medela pump but I had to purchase them separately. Also as someone who lugs a pump back and forth to work every day this baby is light! It’s much easier to pack and travel with. I am very thankful to WeeSpring Parent Panel for allowing me to try this product for free.

  42. Momof2

    Great Pump – I received this pump from the WeeSpring Parent Panel in exchange for my review.

    I am the mother of 2 children and I’ve pumped for over a year with both of them. I’ve used almost every type of medela pump (hand, Swing, pump in style, and hospital grade).

    Here’s what I like about the Ardo calypso pump:
    1. It is very quiet which is great for pumping at work or just if you get annoyed by the sound of other pumps.
    2. Because it’s a closed system condensation doesn’t build up in the tubing. When I finish pumping with the Medela pump there is always condensation in the tubing so I always have to run the pump after detaching the bottles to dry out the tubes. That is not needed with the Ardo which is nice and saves time.
    3. I love that it comes with both a power adapter and batteries. This (and its compact size) makes it much more portable than the pump in style in my opinion.
    4. It’s gentler than other pumps I’ve used.

    It does take a little getting used to if you are used to a pump that has a let-down button and a knob to increase suction. With this pump you have to adjust both the speed and suction which is more personalizable but takes time to get used to.

    The only thing I can think of to improve this pump would be if it had 2 programmable buttons (1 for stimulation and 1 for let-down) where you could memorize your speed and suction so you don’t have to tinker with the settings each time you pump.

    Overall it’s a great pump with lots more pros than cons in my opinion.

  43. Johnson44

    Best of the them – This pump is by far the best of the three that I have used. The pump is easy to assemble once watching the video on the website and extremely quiet. Thanks weespring parent panel for sending this!

  44. Lee Dixon

    My breasts responded so much better in a shorter amount of time! – The Ardo Breast pump is very nice. Within the first two minutes I have already pumped 1 oz! I think my breasts responded to this breast pump versus another popular brand better! I love thst I can control the suction strength and the speed differently depending on let down and how sensitive I’m feeling. At first it felt a lot stronger than what I’m used to and after turning it down, I found the perfect fit for the controls. It is pretty easy to setup after reading the manual or a video on youtube, the tubes are made of silicone and so are the lip valves. It came with bottles to collect the milk directly. The breast pump unit is very light and about the size of my hand. It is a lot less bulky and much more comfortable to carry around. I love the Ardo Calypso breast pump! I can pump while my son is in the other room even while he’s napping! It doesn’t make any silly sounds like it’s singing me a song or talking to me and is very quiet! The vacuum sealed design makes me feel at ease of little to no bacteria being exposed to my breast milk! I received this breast pump as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel!

  45. Tina P

    Amazing! – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel and this pump is amazing! I love how quiet it is and it is extremely comfortable! I was also excepting the pump to be much bigger but it fits perfectly in a small bag 🙂 I have been using it while at work and am able to get a significant increase in output than when I was using my freestyle! Love it!

  46. Naomi

    Looks great! – I received this pump as a promotion from wee spring. I actually recently gave up breast feeding my toddler and am pregnant again so will be using this in a few more months. It looks like a very good quality and has many controls to customize usage. I’ve used two other pumps in the past and love that this one is a closed system. Excited to try this one when the time comes since I had mediocre experiences with my last two!

  47. Lauren

    This is an overall good pump that will get the job done – I had the opportunity to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. I was initially excited because part of the hype of this pump is the soft Optiflow massage inserts and I thought these sounded like they would help with the need to hand express while pumping. Unfortunately, these inserts are ONLY available with a certain size of shield – and that was not the size I specified. I was disappointed not to have the opportunity to try these. Overall, this is a good pump. It is effective and gets the job done. There is some room for improvement.

    The motor is quiet (very nice)
    The closed system is hygenic (slightly difficult to use – in the cons) but is a huge selling point to me! The reason it’s in the Pros, despite being difficult is because there are videos showing you how to set it up correctly and it gets a lot easier over time
    The ability to control vacuum strength/cycle number (this was not a feature I found particularly helpful. . .but I know that is something a lot of people prefer)
    Bottle design – hands down – best I’ve tried. I love that there is a stand that prevents the bottles from tipping over!
    The system is compact and doesn’t take up much table space

    Closed system initially difficult to get the hang of
    Electrical power cord is strangely short
    Pump is not as effective as a Medela (however Ardo has the closed system, which Medela does not. . .and I really like that closed system)
    Difficult to read the markings on the bottles – can’t see how much you’ve pumped while pumping

    Overall – I would recommend this pump to a friend and I will continue to use it.

  48. Michelle D

    Quiet and Powerful – I was excited to use this as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel.

    As a second time Mom, I always dread having to pump. Who enjoys a loud machine hooked up to your chest as you try to massage out milk? The first thing I noticed about this pump was how quiet it was and how easy it was to change suction strength and speed. Previously, I used the Ameda Purely Yours Breast Pump which was much louder and larger. Unfortunately, as a larger chested woman, pumping is difficult for me as breast pump technology does not closely mimic a baby’s suck. This makes the time I am away from my little one difficult. I had high hopes for the silicone inserts and they made the entire process more comfortable, but it decreased the amount of milk I pumped and every ounce is precious. So, while the plastic flanges are more uncomfortable, I found them necessary. I am very glad to have tried this pump and it has become my go to pump anytime I am away from my little one. The battery power option is also fantastic and does not seem to decrease over all power. It is a superior product and it may work even better for someone for whom the silicone inserts work well.

  49. Elizabeth C.

    Good, but could improve. – I’ve pumped with each of my four kids, using both closed and open systems. I appreciate the benefit of the closed system, and not having to worry about mold or other contaminants in the milk. With regard to noise level, it is a bit quieter than other pumps, and I’ve pumped in situations where everyone can hear the pump whirring along, and it’s a bit distracting. With regard to suction/speed, I would prefer that it the pump either had a loaded program that mimicked a baby’s nursing patterns, or that it was a nob, versus the up and down keys. The power adapter was reminiscent of a cell phone, and I’d rather have a traditional one. Overall, it’s a pretty good pump and I had a reasonable output with it. My primary pumps have been a Medela PIS and a Purely Yours.

  50. Leecey11

    ARDO silence is golden – I received the ARDO calypso as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel review exchange.

    I’ve used the ARDO a couple of times since receiving it and have been quite impressed with how quiet it is. As a mom who has to travel frequently for work, I’m embarrassed to pump on a plane right next to another person. This pump makes it possible without them even knowing I’m pumping. The light weight and small frame make it very easy to travel with and transport.

    My primary pump is a hospital grade pump and I have to say that it’s more efficient than the ARDO out pumping milk. With my hospital grade pump, I get 6 oz vs the ARDO’s 3 oz. so while the ARDO is now my go-to pump for travel, I will continue to use my other pump for day-to-day needs.

  51. Rokshana

    Good breast pump – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. Before using this pump I had a Medela from 4 years back and this year I got a Spectra 2 from my health insurance. I have to say out of all my 3 pumps Ardo was the best in not feeling any pain. I loved using Ardo and was not afraid to pump due to pain. I love that the flanges came in a smaller size (24mm) when other brands offer from 26mm so that was a plus. The machine is extremely quiet and easy to use. I also received the insert massager which in my honest opinion is useless and too much work. It did nothing for me. Also I have low milk production and I left like for me the suction and strength of the Spectra 2 worked better then the Ardo but that’s a problem I have for someone who has some sort of milk supply this pump would be really good for maintenance of the milk supply. Overall it’s a good pump.

  52. HollyK

    Good pump, slow cycle speeds make it more gentle – I received this pump as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel in exchange for my review.

    About me – I am a mother of a 2 year old and 4-month old twins, which I exclusively breastfeed. When I returned to work after the birth of my first daughter, I pumped with a Medela Freestyle. With the twins, I upgraded to the Spectra S1 which I love. Currently I work one day per week in the office and pump then, as well as other times at home to stock up.

    The setup of the Calypso pump is similar to the Spectra, so I did not have difficulty with assembly. The pump is very small, light, and quiet. It is super easy to transport for use on the go/ away from home. The pump operates on a closed system, so no worry of condensation in the tubing and pump itself, similar to the other two pumps that I am familiar with.

    The Calypso pump has a few settings to adjust the cycle length and vacuum to suit your needs. There are no automatic settings…each time you start the pump it is on the lowest vacuum and cycle, and you have to increase them manually. At first I didn’t like this, however I found that when manually adjusting I was able to optimize flow, rather than just put a setting on and forget about it. I found even the fastest cycle to be very slow, which was odd to me at first (it is much slower than the Medela and Spectra). However, the Calypso was still very efficient at removing milk, and I was able to pump the same amount that I get with my Spectra. I think using slower cycles is quite effective, and more gentle as well.

    The bottles/ bottle fittings are compatible with other typical bottles and it’s nice to be able to interchange (medela, spectra, normal size bottles). I wish the pump had a timer or autoshutoff, as I like to work while pumping and not worry about having to pay attention to the time. The bottle stand is great, I am always scared of knocking over bottles when cleaning up after pumping!

    Overall, I like the pump and will continue to use it in rotation with my Spectra.

  53. mickey mouse

    great pump – I received this breast pump as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel.

    Pros: very very quiet, durable membranes, closed system, easy to transport, able to use with batteries

    Cons: suction is not the greatest

    summary: in my humble opinion, not a bad pump if you are not exclusively pumping since I don’t find the suction to be the greatest. I use the hospital grade medela pump.

  54. Mom of one

    Liked it, a lot! – I received this breast pump as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel. And I really like it. I love how it massages my boobs and it’s gentle. I have never seen a breastpump that massages, so that blew me away! The suction isn’t harsh. I have the Ameda breast pump and it didn’t come close to this pump! I can’t even begin to explain my experience. The personalized settings are a huge game changer. I’ve already recommended this pump to multiple relatives/friends that are expecting.

    The reason I am giving it 4 stars is because it’s a bit difficult to first put it together. I had to watch the instructional video, and then I finally got it correct. I wish that it was as simple as my Ameda pump.

    But I for sure am using this pump over my Ameda. Hands down, it’s awesome!

  55. Mom of one

    Liked it, a lot! – I received this breast pump as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel. And I really like it. I love how it massages my boobs and it’s gentle. I have never seen a breastpump that massages, so that blew me away! The suction isn’t harsh. I have the Ameda breast pump and it didn’t come close to this pump! I can’t even begin to explain my experience. The personalized settings are a huge game changer. I’ve already recommended this pump to multiple relatives/friends that are expecting.

    The reason I am giving it 4 stars is because it’s a bit difficult to first put it together. I had to watch the instructional video, and then I finally got it correct. I wish that it was as simple as my Ameda pump.

    But I for sure am using this pump over my Ameda. Hands down, it’s awesome!

  56. PipsLemon

    Simply Pumped! – I love this pump! At least, I love it as much as anyone can actually love a breast pump. I really appreciate being given the opportunity to try it out and put it through its paces, thanks to the WeeSpring Parent Panel for that!

    Features I loved….

    First off it is quiet. Having a quiet pump isn’t necessarily a “must” but it it’s definitely a plus in my book. It’s quiet enough that I can do other things while pumping and not be distracted by the noise from the motor. Second, it has very durable membranes and was incredibly easy to clean. Additionally, because it it is a closed tubed system it is easy to clean and keeps the milk sanitary, win win! Finally, I can customize the amount of suction to exactly where I need it to be and I can change it throughout my pumping session to better mimic baby’s natural sucking patterns. I can feel the milk being drained from my breast while using this product and I can see the suction working… Definitely a winner for me.

    Features I’d like to see improved…

    It was tricky (not impossible) to assemble without instructions. I’m a reader, I like to know what I’m doing and be able to get all the info I need about how to use a product and I like detailed instructions to be included with a product like this. It wasn’t hard to figure out with a little help from the Internet, but would have been nice to have with the product. It isn’t a hands free pump for me. I have to use my hands to help make sure all the milk is drained and to keep the pump where I want it and working… With 3 kids having my hands totally free to do other things is always a bonus. Finally the tubing attracts dirt and hair via static like crazy. It’s not easy to keep the exterior tubes totally clean, which means you have to be careful not to get them on the other pump parts. Not a deal breaker.

    Overall, I loved the pump and I will continue to use it!

  57. Silena

    Another pump in my armamentarium! – I have used three different pumps during my tenoire of breastfeeding, so my opinions are based on comparison with two other mainstream pumps.

    Upon initial inspection, this pump is lightweight and comes with significantly less parts than one of my more popular pumps. It was easily disassembled for sterilization and quickly put back together once ready for usage. Although I have heard that some people have difficulty reassembling the equipment I did not have this issue. There is also a YouTube video available for assistance if this is the case.

    The 26mm flange was bigger than I am used to, but it still was comfortable fit and I was able to pump successfully. Once turning on the pump, it took a little bit to configure the settings, but afterward I was able to get the settings right where I needed for different stages of expressing breastmilk. This pump is very quiet while in action. Which is a bonus, because my husband thinks the other sounds like a cow, “MOO MOO MOO”. I haven’t been able to replicate my milk production with the other pumps, but this may be due to flange size, comfort level, etc.

    Pros: This pump is definitely light-weight, portable, easy to assemble, and quiet.

    Cons: 400 hour/1 year life–so probably limited to one pregnancy. Bottles not compatible with other systems–would not likely be able to pump into other bottle types or bags easily. I haven’t come across this system in any stores or online insurance vendors, so may make replacement or additional accessories expensive or difficult to come-by.

    Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump!

  58. tshurtz

    Great closed system pump – I received this pump as a part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.
    I rely heavily on a good pump to keep my supply while working full time. I am always nervous about trying a new one and causing a dip in my supply. This pump does not disappoint!
    The first time I tried the pump I had some difficulty getting the correct suction and speed. This pump does not offer the “letdown” feature that I am used to, but once I figured out the correct speeds it is easy to manage.
    I really like the soft massaging inserts. They really cut down on discomfort while pumping and allow me more “free time” with my hands since they help with massage. This is actually my favorite feature of the Calypso.
    One thing I am not a fan of is that the shields don’t come apart and that the different sizes fit inside each other. It makes the system slightly bulky and a bit awkward. I fear the pieces falling apart mid pump.
    I love the closed system type pump. I also like the soft tubing featured with this pump. With previous pumps I have used I always get condensation build up in the tubing, but that is not the case with the Calypso! Not having to spend an extra few minutes airing out the tubing is a huge time saver for me at work. As a nurse it is not easy to get away and pump three times per shift, so any way to cut back on time is a HUGE plus for me.
    Overall I am loving this pump. As with anything new there is a bit of a learning curve. Once you get the idea of what speeds work for you, and what size shields work best, it is a great closed system pump for a long time “pumper”.
    Thank you weeSpring Parent Panel for allowing me to use and review this awesome pump!

  59. Ifoundjoy

    Great Pump – I’ve reached a point in my breastfeeding journey where pumping isn’t so huge of a deal. With that, I still pump frequently simply because I like having milk on standby. I had no problem using the Ardo straight from the box. Easy to assemble and as quiet as they claim. My baby didn’t even flinch in her nap when I turned on. That’s a big deal! My one and ONLY complaint is that I cannot store my bottles attached to the pump. The stands that came with it are great if you’re pumping on a flat surface, but a hassle when you’re an “on the bed” pumper like me.
    Overall, this pump gets the job done efficiently and quietly while being adorable too!
    Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump! I will use it for a very long time.

  60. TeanyT

    Works great and gentle – I’ve been using this pump for couple of weeks now. So far I’ve been pleased with pump. The suction is very gentle and soft comparatively to the Medela Pump In Style. At first I was skeptical if I could express as much milk because the suction was so soft but that wasn’t an issue. It was much gentler on my breast than the Madela PISA.
    Why I prefer the Ardo:
    – It’s lightweight and more compact compared to the Madela PISA. I can easily throw it my backpack without it feeling bulky.
    – I appreciate how quiet the pump is just barely a wisp of sound. I spend a lot time on the phone and it was the first time I didn’t have to feel slightly awkward about the suctions sounds coming from my end always pretending that it wasn’t coming from me.
    – The close system is a plus. Which means you won’t have to worry about milk getting into the pump or tubing.
    – If you travel a lot, the pumps come with a battery compartment too. It makes super easy to abroad without having to worry about adapters.
    – The flanges fit into my old pumping bra
    What could be improved:
    – Configuring the suction strength and frequency settings can be tricky the first couple of times.
    – Putting together the pump was less intuitive.
    – The lip valves are little harder to clean. They form a closed V so you have to pay a little extra attention cleaning the valves.
    I didn’t receive the messaging inserts but will probably buy them. I’ve officially changed over from my Madela to the Ardo.

    I received this pump through weespring parent panel to try and review but all opinions are my very own.

  61. Rachel

    Very Good Pump, Easy to Use – I pumped for 12 months using a Medela Pump in Style with my first child and have pumped for 6 months using the Medela as well as the Calypso, with an occasional manual pump use thrown in. When, I pump for Monday-Friday daycare bottles I usually have a bit of extra milk, enough for at least one more bottle than needed. I have pumped in a shared office, a semi-private nursing suite, in my bathroom while getting ready for the day, on a coach bus, and while commuting in my car.

    The Calypso is easy to setup so you can get started pumping. However, once I found a comfortable setting there was no way to save it for my next pumping session, which was a little frustrating. Also, unlike my Medela pump, I had to manually switch the vacuum and cycles setting once the milk started flowing. Having a memory feature so I could just hit a button would make pumping on the go much easier!

    My favorite feature of the Calypso is that, as long as you have batteries installed, when you disconnect from the ac adapter, the pump keeps pumping. This is so handy when you get all setup and then your phone rings or your baby starts crying and you need to move. With my Medela pump I would have to plug in the separate battery adapter and start again. I love that the batteries are integrated so I don’t have to worry about forgetting an adapter, however, I wish there was a better indicator of battery life, something like what is displayed on a digital camera where it starts full and then decreases.

    The pump is pretty quiet, making it almost completely discreet while talking on the phone. This is really nice as a working, pumping mom as sometimes a meeting would come up and I wouldn’t be able to take a call because my old pump was loud and distracting. With the Calypso, I don’t have that problem!

    At this point, Ardo does not make a separate car adapter. I wish they would since pumping during my commute is eating through a lot of batteries! I’ll continue to use my Medela pump while I’m pumping in the car, but I will definitely use the Calypso for other on the go situations since it’s battery power is much more convenient.

    Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump to try.

  62. Lily N

    Quiet at last – The Ardo has some nice pros and a few cons. For starters, it is very quiet, which is very nice. I use it while pumping one side, while my baby nurses on the other, often in the middle of the night, right next to my husband. Because it’s so quiet, she can often still nurse calmly and usually falls asleep even though the pump is very close by. I also really like the stands that hold the bottle. I’ve used other pumps before and it’s nice to know that when I put the pump parts down, they aren’t top heavy and wont fall over. The pluses out weigh the minuses but there are a few things I wish were different. Mainly, that the bottle demarcations were easier to see. Also, I wish the pump remembered my last setting when I turned it back on. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump!

  63. amw_phx

    Very impressed! – I am really impressed with this pump. Previously I had used a Medela Pump In Style and I loathed every minute I spent attached to it. This Ardo pump was a completely different experience, making pumping a much more positive and productive experience. The first benefit that struck me was how much quieter it was than my old pump. The difference was truly night and day. The design of this pump is also superior, in both aesthetics, as well as the closed system design to prevent bacteria growth and contamination.

    Upon first opening the package, I was a little overwhelmed by the amount of parts, but the user guide quickly cleared up my confusion. I also loved that Ardo had a Youtube video for assembly, which made it super easy to ensure I had assembled it properly. Once I did it a few times, I found the assembly to be really simple.

    One thing I’m still working on getting the hang of is the cycle/vacuum levels. There’s a little bit of a learning curve here to figure out what works best for you. Definitely use a hands-free pumping bra if you have one, as it isn’t easy adjusting the settings while holding the bottles to your breasts. You don’t want to spill any of that precious milk!

    The battery option is a real perk. I used to have to use a manual pump when traveling, and I love that I can just grab some batteries and use my regular pump now.

    I really love the Optiflow silicone inserts, but I do wish there was an option to purchase the inserts in a larger size, as the 26mm is a bit small on me. Another thing I’d love to purchase separately is larger collection bottles, as this small size fills quite quickly.

    All in all though, this pump is way ahead of the competition in my opinion. It’s so refreshing not to dread pumping anymore! Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump!

  64. Ashley J

    Good Features/Ineffective Performance – I tried the Ardo Calypso Breastpump for the first time when I was on an overnight work trip. I have been breastfeeding and pumping for a year with a Medela Pump in Style. I haven’t tried any other pump, but it is easy to compare these two. The Ardo has many features that make this pump an option for the mom who travels often or pumps at work.

    The Pros:
    -It’s VERY quiet. The Ardo is as quiet as a whisper. With my Medela, I think you can hear it running throughout my house, but I am confident the Ardo wasn’t heard in the room next to mine.
    -It’s compact. Since I travel frequently, ease of packing is really important. The Ardo and all of its components packed in about half the space of the Medela.
    -It’s easy to assemble. I read the instructions to assemble, but it really is self-explanatory. Everything fits well together and it’s easy to switch from one pump to two.
    -It’s comfortable. The Ardo was very comfortable and had me as relaxed as I could be while pumping.
    -It has a closed system. It is easy to see that there are no opportunities for the milk to be contaminated by outside factors. This also means that the tubes don’t build up condensation like other pumps do.
    -Its easy to clean. Since there are not a million tiny pieces, the components of this pump are quick and simple to clean. Here’s a hint: get those steam cleaning packs. They make cleaning even more speedy!

    The Cons…Unfortunately, most of the cons are about the actual functioning of the pump:
    -The speed and vacuum intensity are controlled manually, with two separate buttons. When I am pumping, I need a system that can be quickly controlled. It took me too long to get just the right combination of speed/vacuum. I much prefer the Medela knob control.
    -There is no auto adjust after letdown. The Manuel suggests increasing vacuum and decreasing the speed after letdown. The Medela adjusts its speed automatically after two minutes so you don’t have to mess with the knob after the initial start.
    -The speed and volume ranges are very limited. I found that the range did not go high enough on either of the controls for me to pump the volume I usually do. It took me double the time to pump.

    Overall, I think I will use the Ardo as a backup pump and I will probably travel with it. It will definitely not be my primary pump as it is just not efficient enough at the job it is intended to do. I received the product as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  65. Exclusive Pumper

    Quiet! – I received this as a member of the WeeSpring parent panel. First and foremost this pump is so quiet! My husband and I love it! I much prefer it over the Medela and Ameda hospital grade pumps that I used, because it was all around better. I also use a Lansinoh pump. The Calypso is wayy more quiet and comfortable, but the Lansinoh was much more efficient at getting the milk (this was the same case as with the hospital grade pumps I used, too). Also, although the closed system is great in theory, I don’t like it because the parts aren’t compatible with my hands-free pumping bra. As an exclusive pumper I send hours and hours a day pumping, and I need to be able to use my hands while pumping.
    Overall this is a great pump and I would highly recommend it, it’s just not the right one for me.

  66. hinghamommy

    Great features – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

    This is a very nice pump with a lot of great features. Not all were perfect for me, but I can see how they can be very helpful for the right mom!

    -very quiet even my husband noted how quiet it is.
    -can be battery operated and plug in. Very helpful for the mom on the go.
    -loved the size of the membranes and easy to clean
    -came with a lot of parts. No need to buy different sizes or extras at first.
    -ability to control suction strength and speed

    -flanges does not separate from the values.
    -I loved the idea of the massage breastshield but I could not get to fit right and work for me.

    Overall a very nice pump. It’s the third I’ve tired and I can see how it works very well for most!

    I’m very happy I got the chance to try it out!

  67. mickey mouse

    I like it but I prefer another pump – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.
    I exclusively pumped for my daughter and I was using the medela pump.
    After trying this pump, I would say it is ok. I still prefer the hospital grade medela pump.

    – Closed system
    – Light and easy to transport
    – Very very quiet
    – Can be used with batteries
    – Durable membranes

    – suction is not the greatest compared to the hospital grade medela pump

    I think this is a great pump if you are not exclusively pumping. In my humble opinion, I still prefer the medela hospital grade pump. I find it pump out milk more efficiently. But that does that mean that the Ardo pump has no place in the pumping world. Again, if you need to pump if you are away from the little one, this is a good pump especially considering how easy it is to bring with you.

    I wanted to thank weeSpring Parent panel for the opportunity to try this pump.

  68. christyc

    Didn’t work for me… – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. I was very excited to test it out, as I’ve tried 4 other pumps in the 2 years I’ve spent pumping between my two boys, and I’m still looking for one that doesn’t make it a chore.

    Unfortunately, this pump just didn’t work for me. I liked that you had more control over the settings, but there just wasn’t enough power. I’ve been fortunate to have access to hospital pumps, and this one was totally ineffective for me. Another negative was the tubing – rather than being smooth, it was almost sticky so it got dirty very quickly. I like that you could switch from single to double pumping, but it wasn’t as easy as I’ve been able to do with some other pumps. On the plus side, it was pretty quiet on the lower settings and it’s very lightweight so it was easy to carry to work or wherever I needed to pump.

  69. Gabby

    Good option – As part of the weeSpring Parent Panel, I was given the opportunity to try this breast pump. A lover of free items and playing with baby gear, I was beyond excited to be chosen and anxiously awaited the arrival of this breast pump. Upon the arrival of the pump, I was pumping three times a day while at work and it was an activity that I dreaded. My current pump was OK but I wouldn’t describe it as comfortable or pleasant but it was something I just dealt with since it was free with insurance and I never thought of exploring different pumps.

    In comes the Calypso and I tore it open, washed all the parts, and eagerly awaited its first trial the following work day. Upon first use, it was a tad cumbersome to put together and I was disappointed to see that it came with standard breast flanges (not the massage ones- those are a separate accessory purchase). However, it was much quieter than my other breast pump, almost to the point that I wasn’t sure if it was working.

    After using it for a few weeks, I think it is a good pump. It has not revolutionized the pumping experience for me but it definitely has some attributes I enjoy more than my current pump.

    1. I like the ability to adjust the various speeds and cycles. Initially I wasn’t sure what speed to use for either cycle length or vacuum strength but after playing with it, I found a combination that worked well for my let-down and subsequent pumping.
    2. The hoses are very flexible and stay connected to the pump even when I’m moving around (I usually pump hands free). My other pump’s hoses are very stiff and tend to disconnect if I move around too much.
    3. The angle of the flange to the bottle is tilted down! What an idea to make the milk flow down into the bottle (as opposed to a horizontally). This helps with decreasing spilled milk when pulling the flange away from my body!

    On the flip side, there are other things that I do not like about this pump as much as my other.

    1. The hoses are annoying to connect to the bottles and you have to wiggle them on. I wish there was a plastic piece that would make the connection faster and easier.
    2. The inability to change the flange size. Because the flange is connected to the part that attaches to the bottle, you could not use any other flange (I have purchased some Pumpin Pal flanges that i use with my current pump).
    3. Transporting this pump and its parts has also proven to be a little cumbersome. My other pump came in a case so I could, at the very least, easily store the hoses with the pump so they didn’t not get tangled up inside a bag.

    The noise of the pump is okay. It isn’t something that bothered me with my other pump since I pump in my car where I’m the only one who can hear it anyway. However, this sound is much less irritating than the noise of my current pump. I do find that the higher the speed the noisier it becomes.

    Overall, while I enjoy this pump, I have to honestly say that it has not made me a complete convert. I will use either this one or my other pump depending on which one is clean. It is definitely worth trying though if the noise is something that would factor into your decision.

  70. Ande

    Excited to use! – I won’t be able to use this pump til January, as that is when my daughter is due, but I plugged it in and put batteries in when I received it to see how it sounded/worked. It’s so quiet!! My medela pump I had with my son was bulky and heavy for its size. And loud! I use to pump in between my college classes/worm study job and the room they had for pumping was right beside a classroom. My friend was in the class and told me she could always hear it. Made me feel weird. This will be so easy to travel with as well, with how light and compact it is. I’m excited for that! I really can’t wait to use this pump, I loved breastfeeding and was disappointed I couldn’t pump more. Hopefully this give s me better results!

  71. NatMunoz

    Quality proven – I would like to say firstly I got to test this out as part of weeping parent panel, my reviews are my own personal aspects of the Ardo Calypso breast pump (insurance version). First off I received the box inside another box. It was delivered via FEDEX. It was quit the small box. I opened it and my first thought was cool it’s a double breast pump! I have only ever used a hand pump which is such a burden. Also noticing it wasn’t inside a company box just a brown shipping box. Well that was a bummer. Anyways when I looked better each item was individually wrapped in bagging. Assembly was pretty easy to say putting it right away. I also noticed there was no velcro or any clothes to transport it which is AWESOME! Can put it in any bag! Also another bummer it didn’t come with its own bag. Well no problem since it is so small it can fit in a small bag. I washed all the necessary parts before using and sanitizing properly. The settings worked perfectly how ever you much you need! I really loved this pump! Again this review is my own and no way anyone’s but mine! Thank you Weespring!

  72. MRuss6080

    My new everyday pump – The Ardo Calypso is an upgrade for me! I received mine as a gift from the WeeSpring Parent Panel, and I was very excited to use it. I have been using a popular competitor’s model for about nine months, and I wanted to give this one a try. I pump several times a day at work, so I was looking for something quiet and efficient. Unfortunately one of the pieces I needed to dual-pump arrived broken. I reached out to Ardo customer service, and they were remarkably responsive. I was very pleased with my interaction and their responsiveness despite the delay it caused in starting to use the product.

    My observations:

    The tubing is much softer and not coated, so I was afraid pulling too hard might tear it. That is not the case, as it seems very durable after several weeks of use. Lint clings to the outside of the tubing, so that’s annoying. Nothing a damp cloth can’t handle though!

    The downward slanting flanges are a much welcomed improvement over my competitor’s model. This makes positioning much for comfortable and even makes reclining possible! Not so with my previous pump.

    This model is extremely lightweight. It feels like a feather in my bag compared to my other pump, though I wish it came with a carrying case to protect it inside my tote bag.

    I like the ability to customize vacuum strength and cycle speed. It allows me to more closely mimic my little one. My old pump had limited settings.

    The pump itself is relatively quiet, as long as you use it on lower vacuum settings. Higher vacuum settings make more noise.

    It seems to make a dripping noise immediately after letdown as milk enters the bottle. I utilize milk storage bags I already had, as there’s no need to purchase custom bags for this pump. Just pump into the bottles and pour into the ads for storage.

    It is easy to clean. Even my husband remarked, “this is it?!” as he was washing the parts for me. It comes apart and goes back together very easily. The parts seem very durable, and I’ve had no trouble with tearing membranes yet.

    Overall, this is a very effective pump. It has replaced my competitor’s model as my everyday pump, and I would certainly recommend it!

  73. Cindy M.

    Great Pump! – Having pumped for all 3 of my children (ages 4 years, 2 years and 1.5 months) – I’ve only ever used the Medela PIS until now. When the Ardo Calypso arrived, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. The pump is smaller than I thought it would be and SO incredibly quiet when it’s on!!

    So the biggest pro for me – this pump is a closed system! Yes – this means no milk condensation in the pump…ever! I also noticed rubber feet on the base of the pump, which prevents the pump from slipping off the table. The double A battery compartment is built into the pump, so there are no extra adapters that you need to purchase if you need to pump in the car or away from an outlet. The ability to customize the suction strength and cycle time is also helpful…if you have pumped before and know what to expect when you’re pumping. I feel like this feature could be confusing for new moms as the Medela PIS has much easier controls. When I pumped with the Ardo Calypso, at first it was confusing to set up, but there are so many helpful videos on YouTube to assist with using the pump. I did notice that once I was set up, I pumped about the same as I would have with my Medela PIS. The suction didn’t seem as strong at first, and I had it cranked to the maximum setting, but after the pump “warmed up” I noticed the suction was better. Figuring out my personal expression cycle took a bit of trial and error as well. I did yield about the same amount of milk as my other pump for that time of day. One con that I noticed is that the power cord is about a foot shorter than my other pump…not a deal breaker, but it was noticeable as I had to sit slightly closer to the outlet when I was pumping. Also, when fully put together, the bottles/flanges felt a little heavier than the Medela set up – for double pumping, a hands free bra would be needed – as there’s really no way to adjust the suction/cycle if you’re holding the flanges to your body. As with other reviews, the material of the tubing does cause dust and hair to stick to it, but again that’s not a deal breaker for me. As this pump is not readily available in the U.S. yet, I believe purchasing extra parts (bottles, flanges, etc.) can only be done online – I did not see any Ardo parts at my local baby retailers. I would like to try the soft optiflow inserts to see if they did help with milk production, but they are not included in the insurance package.

    In conclusion, this is a great pump – I will likely use it more often when my maternity leave ends and I’m back at the office – the quietness of the pump will allow me to pump while taking calls – and for a working mom, that is a pretty big deal. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump to try and review!

  74. Anginator

    Couldn’t get a good fit, but loved the pump. – This breastpump has qualities I wish my other double pump had and lacks features I didn’t know I would miss. I bf both of my girls and have been pumping to supplement for one right after the other was done, for the last 2 years. This is the 3rd electric double pump I have used, 4th pump altogether.

    What I really, really like about it is it’s portability. There’s not much to the pump so I can bring it with me anywhere and it fits in many of the handbags I currently have. I can’t even consider doing that with the Medela double pump I have. The only thing about using it anywhere is that the power cable is only 4 feet long so I have to set myself up pretty close to an outlet. You also don’t want to set up anywhere there is even a remote amount of debris, because the tubing on it is a weird matte material and EVERYTHING sticks to it. I normally pump sitting on the edge of my bed and my tubes after only one use are covered in little cotton fuzzies.

    I don’t know if they are going to have other attachments that will be available, but I wasn’t able to find a flange that worked very well. I normally use a 27mm for my Medela pump, and the Ardo came with 26s, 28s and 31s. I tried both the 26 and the 28 but neither felt comfortable. They also have a flexible flange that sits within the 31 that is supposed to allow you to massage without losing suction. I like the concept, but on my smaller breasts this piece didn’t get any results.

    Should you find a flange that fits properly, this pump is really customizable. The Medela double I have has 2 settings: a build up to let down, and the monotonous pump. Then it has a knob where I can turn up or down the intensity of the suction. This portable Ardo is completely customizable. It takes a bit to get used to what setting you want it on and what works best for your own let down, but once I have it right I let down faster and I can change the setting to the monotonous pump at exactly the rate and strength that I want.

    As far as pieces go, this pump is hands down easier to clean. There are less pieces and they are sturdier than the Medela. The only exception is this terrible, dust-magnet tubing.

  75. Chels

    Game Changer for Seasoned Pumper – With over three years of pumping time spread out between my sons, I’ve been around the block with pumps. The Ardo Calypso is the fifth such pump I’ve had the pleasure of using (though, only my second double electric) and I’m happy to say that it was a complete game changer.

    Right out of the box, I was in love. What caught my immediate attention is that it was stand alone, no cloth cover or velcro – I could put it in any bag that I wanted, there was limitless possibilities (this may seem droll, but still think that once you’ve carried the same bag to work every day for over a year).

    When I began to strip the pump down in order to wash/sanitize the parts, I came across the next huge feature – the membranes are durable! I can’t even begin to explain how many membranes I have ripped (or my husband, whose count is even higher), but these are thick and no matter how roughly I pulled at them, they held up. Furthermore, each and every part of the pump was able to be reached by a straw brush when hand washing, no more nightly boiling or soaking in the hopes that those hard to reach places get clean.

    While setup may be a bit confusing the first time around, it is definitely worth the extra step of assembling the top. I loved being able to turn the pump on with just the top section and being able to see how much suction there was to each setting – and to be able to tell it was actually working!

    My absolute -favorite- thing about this pump was its ability to customize just what I needed. Coming from using a pump that only had a speed setting and a letdown setting, this is revolutionary. I was able to adjust the setting to that of what I usually feel from my son (which is supper important come to toddlerhood – his own ‘suction’ and ‘speed’ seems to change almost every day) in order to get the most milk possible.

    If there was any one thing I would change about the calypso to make it ‘perfect,’ it would be the tubing. For those use any of the many other double electric pump that utilize tubing, this may be a bit odd to you too – it’s rubbery, not smooth and coated. While this makes it amazingly stretchy and may help with the suction, it picks up dirt, dust and hairs very easily. They also easily twist, which can make things a bit confusing.

    Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the calypso and have plans to continue using it over my other leading brand pump. I would like to thank Weespring’s Parents Panel for providing the opportunity to test drive this amazing product, it’s definitely a keeper!

  76. amandac

    Liked it in theory, but didn’t work for me – I was excited to try this pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel, but was a bit disappointed when I actually received it. I liked that it has a massaging insert as I usually need to use my hands a lot while pumping. And it’s super light and compact.

    Once I tried it though, I felt like it just wasn’t right for me. I had quite a bit of pain in my nipples when I upped the suction, but at the lower levels it wasn’t pulling out the milk (even my older child was like “mommy, where’s the milk?”. I have larger nipples and think that the larger shields may just not be the right fit for me. They insert into each other.

    I also felt like there were a lot of parts that were hard to work with. I typically use a Medela pump in style, and while that may have more parts, the Calypso had bigger parts that I found hard to transport.

    In sum, it may be right for some, but just didn’t work for me.

  77. Luckii

    Best Pump I’ve tried! – My son was born premature and I’ve used quite a few pumps while trying to supply his food, I always had to pump for long periods and never responded that well to any pump. I wish I would have known about this pump to begin with, I got an ounce in under a couple minutes when it usually takes my 10-15 min to get that. I would absolutely recommend this pump to anyone especially if you haven’t responded well to other pumps. Its very quiet while operating and has so many different settings to find the perfect one for you. Also loved the closed system so you don’t have to worry about anything going back up into the tubes.
    Thanks to WeeSpring for sending me this pump!

  78. Meghan

    It wasn’t for me – A little about myself, my first baby I pumped exclusively, so I’ve used several different types of pumps! I had my second baby about 8 months ago and I’m pumping 2-4x a day for him. I so wanted to love this pump but I didn’t.

    It has amazing pros like being a closed system so no milk or condensation comes in contact with the tubing! LOVED that part. I love that it is super quiet. It is the quietest pump I have ever used without a doubt! I also loved that the inserts are soft and I can massage without having to release the suction cup. This pump is also so tiny and compact! I can fit it right in my diaper bag and go! I felt this pump was confusing starting off. I read the manual that came with it and was still confused on how to set it up. After watching a YouTube video from Ardo it showed step by step which helped tremendously.

    Now for the cons I personally hate the tubing it’s made out of. It is very flexible and everything sticks to it. If it’s just slightly bent then the pump won’t work and that can get irritating after the first 4 or so times in each pumping session. I also don’t like that it doesn’t have the automatic pumping feature. You have to manually increase and decrease and play with it some to find what works best. Which may not be a big deal for some but it was for me. I pumped about the same amount but in twice the amount of time I do with my medela. I also feel like it is very slow and not as strong as others. The green caps where it attaches at the top have to be lined up perfectly or it will not work great.

    In conclusion this is an all around “ok” pump. I feel the the system itself is a little complicated to set up and take apart. It is very overwhelming to make sure every little part is in perfect or you won’t have a successful pumping session.
    Thank you to the weeSpring parent panel for sending me this pump!!

  79. Kristy Fears

    My third and favorite pump! – This is the third pump I have owned. The first two were ones my insurance sent to me with each of my kids. I mostly used my Hygeia Enjoye pump, which worked great and I would pump plenty of milk. Although, the open system did allow milk to travel through the tubes into the actual pump which was super annoying. My second pump, The Ameda Purely Yours pump just never worked for me. It seemed like the fit was wrong and I was never able to pump as much milk as I did with my Hygeia. Then I received the Ardo pump, the quietest of them all, produced just as much milk as I did with my Hygeia, and it’s a closed system! By far this is my favorite pump! Thank you weeSpring for sending me this pump!

  80. cvillemommy

    Great pump at an affordable price – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

    Breast pumping is an absolute necessity for me. Being away from my daughter most of the day, I need a reliable and efficient breast pump. I noticed when I took the breast pump out of the box, it definitely had a lot of parts, and looked quite overwhelming at first. But once you put it together a few times, it’s simple. The pump can be used as a single or double pump – and it’s very quiet.

    I really like that this breast pump offers the options for both speed and suction under two different controls, which allows me to customize a setting that’s comfortable for me. Something that my current pump doesn’t have is the massaging shields. I definitely found these helpful, as pumping can sometimes be uncomfortable. The massaging shields also provided for a much faster let down. I did notice that I did not pump as much milk compared to my normal pump and I also noticed that the suction wasn’t as strong. But pumping varies, so it may have just been an off day for me.

    Another great feature about this pump is that you can use it with batteries. So if you’re constantly on the go, like me, you don’t have to worry about having an outlet to pump.

    Clean up is simple and easy. You can store the milk directly into the collection containers. It even comes with a stand to place the collection containers in so they don’t tip over.

    I would definitely recommend this breast pump to someone who is exclusively pumping, or someone who is looking for an all-around efficient pump at an affordable price.

  81. mrsdar03

    This pump really sucks (and that’s a good thing) – So I’m a mom of two who has breastfed and worked (and thus pumped) with two. I’ve been feeding or pumping for almost three years now (ugg) so I’ve had lots of experience pumping. I’ve been fortunate to have exclusively used only hospital and insurance-provided pumps- all of which have been high quality. I have, however, heard multiple stories of (and seen firsthand) weak and/or poorly manufactured pumps that are downright ineffective. Ineffective pumps mean less milk, decreased production, and ultimately, the need for supplementation. No problems with formula here, but the reason you chose it shouldn’t be because your pump doesn’t work well enough!

    Enter the Ardo breast pump. I’ve been using this pump near-daily for a few weeks now and here are my thoughts (compared to my experience with both Medela symphony and Hygeia EnJoye pumps- two of the most powerful and effective pumps on the market)…

    Pros: This is a powerful pump with customizable settings. Digital display makes it easy to set. It’s a closed system which is an absolute must. It’s QUIET. Oh my word, I’ve pumped in the babies’ rooms while they’re sleeping, next to my sleeping husband, even on the phone at work and it is so gorgeously discrete!! I love that it’s battery powered as well as outlet/electric powered and it’s so tiny that I’ve easily just thrown it in my purse on multiple occasions. Compatibility is nice too – pump works with Medela breastsheilds, valves, tubing, membranes and bottles as well as Hygeia flanges.

    Cons: The design is not necessarily intuitive. I am more familiar with American-designed pumps and the ways they come apart. I don’t really like that the flanges/breastshields don’t separate from the valves – I prefer to take them apart to clean. While the digital pre-sets might be preferred by some, I don’t like that there are only 8 power settings available. I feel like I’m between two settings- going to low means less suction, going to high means discomfort. I prefer machines that have dials. Also, this machine isn’t very popular in the US yet which means that parts are not as easy to come by.

    Overall: Cons are minimal and pros are major! While I’ve been very happy with the pump provided by my insurance company in 2013 (still ticking!), this pump gives it a run for its money. I can’t speak for the comfy cushy shields or the tray as I only tried the basic insurance-provided set. Even without all the extras, if my insurance company provided a mediocre pump (as it seems many of them are) I would absolutely spend my own money to purchase a small, quiet and effective pump of this quality. Highly recommend.

    Thanks to the Wee Parents Panel for sending me this pump to try and review.

  82. Pharmacain

    Returned my symphony rental after trying this out – Things I love that the medela symphony which is another closed system pump include:
    1) it’s light! My back was killing me lugging the symphony to and from work.
    2) the tubing doesn’t collect condensation! Even the closed system medela symphony did that and I hated having to keep the pump running after I was done.
    3) option for batteries! Can’t wait to take it on my next long car trip 🙂
    For me it is just as quiet and efficient as the hospital grade pump but with the added bonuses I stated above. I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  83. lmac2387

    I love this pump – I love this pump!!! With my first child I used a totally different pump from a different brand and hated it. The old pump was loud and obnoxious, it spilled milk everywhere (which as we know is like gold), and would not hold a suction to my breast. When I received this pump in the mail I was so excited to try it I immedialty assembled it and put it to work! The pump is super quiet, you honestly can’t even tell there’s a motor in there it’s so quiet! I could have a napping baby in my arms and it wouldn’t wake her up! It never released suction on my breast and I felt like it really efficiently expressed the milk from my breast. It also kept every single drop in the pump/bottle. I have since thrown out my old pump and will continue to use the Ardo Calypso pump from now on! Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump!

  84. Lissa

    A Better Pump For The Workplace – This pump came to me from weeSpring. I belong to its Parent Panel. My point of comparison is the Medela Pump-in-Style.

    As a working mother (attorney), one of the greatest challenges of pumping 2-3 sessions during my workday is “losing” that time. With the Medela, I wasn’t able to pump and receive/make phone calls without the person on the other end hearing the motor. In fact, even with my door closed, my colleagues could hear me pumping in my office through the paper-thin walls.

    The biggest selling point of this pump for me is that I can multitask and no one is the wiser. That benefit can’t be overestimated. My biggest complaint throughout nursing has been that the technology of pumps seems stagnant. The Ardo pump signals an evolution, at least in its closed system (one less worry) and its quiet motor. Great work, Ardo!

  85. LMorris

    Good pump! – Very happy with the Ardo pump. Love how quiet it is. The range of vacuum and cycle options make it easy to find a setting that is comfortable and effective. Option to put batteries right into the small device, so easy to travel with. It’s also hospital grade, so more than one person can use it. I’ve tried several pumps in my years of breast feeding/pumping, and I would say this more effective and more comfortable than the Pump in Style I received from my insurance. Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump!

  86. Naomi

    Good, but not earth shattering – I received this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel in exchange for my honest review.
    A little about me: I am a mother of two and I work full time. I pump 3-4 times per day M-F. I regularly use the Medela Pump in Style.
    – I like that this system is closed, so you don’t need to worry about condensation getting into the tubing.
    – The pump is very quiet and compact. I just brought it on a work trip and I liked how I could just stick it in my bag rather than lugging the whole extra bag the Medela is in.
    – I was able to pump a comparable amount of milk as I usually do with the Medela most of the time.
    – The two standard flange sizes were very large and pretty small. The flanges you put into the standard attachments are just placed inside the larger ones, so aren’t secured to anything. When I would carry them anywhere the inserts would just fall out, which was kind of annoying.
    – Same as above with the silicone membranes that creates the suction. There have been several times they have fallen out in transit. Luckily I found them, but if not the pump is useless. Because this isn’t a sold everywhere brand like Medela you can’t just run out and get extra.
    – The green caps that attach the tubes to the flanges have to be secured just right to get good suction. I feel like the set up of the Medela is much easier.
    Conclusion: It a good breast pump, but there are flaws to it. If you are set on a closed system then this is the pump for you. However the convenience of having spare parts in local pharmacies far outweighs the pros of this pump.

  87. Amo

    Thoughtfully designed pump – I’ve been so impressed with the Ardo pump. Finally, a pump that is thoughtfully designed with a new mom in mind. From fewer parts, to adjustable speed and suction, to incredibly quiet vacuum, I’ve been really impressed but this new pump. Overall, a tiny and lightweight pump with a lot of power, but without the noise. I would highly recommend this pump over others on the market. Very happy I received this as part of the WeeSpring Parent Panel.

  88. Lilmoe79

    Very quiet Pump – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel. I was excited when I was chosen to try the Calypso pump. I was currently using another closed pumping system from Ameda that was provided by my insurance company.

    I thought the pump set up was fairly easy to assemble. If a person had never used a closed system before I could see why this may be bit confusing.

    I loved that there was a variety of flanges. I’ve always been in between sizes. The calypso flanges were a perfect fit. And the massage insets made pumping so much more comfortable. I noticed an increase in my milk supply just after a few pumping sessions. The customizable settings were great. I was able to remember better what settings I used for each session.

    Most pumps I’ve used are very loud. But this Calypso pump has to be the quietest machine ever! My husband and children didn’t even realize I was pumping. With other pumps I’d have to muffle the sound with a blanket or pillow.

    Over all all I was very happy with the Calypso pumping system.

  89. Ricer

    Love it! – I love love love this pump! I had a Tommee Tippee pump before this and it doesn’t compare and it’s less expensive than my other pump was. It’s super quite; my other was not. It has soooo many settings! There are also a lot less pieces to assemble than my other pump. My toddler was constantly running off with a tiny peice never to be found but all of the pieces are pretty substantial on this pump. Over all I’m very happy with it! Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for sending me this breast pump!

  90. Mc

    An “ok” pump – I think the pump looks great but it did not meet my expectations. The pump is quiet, which I really like and the massaging inserts are pretty amazing. I also appreciate that the systems allows you to use madela bottles. I used this pump for a week and I feel overwhelmed by all the pieces! I wish the plastic suction piece stayed attached to the top! It’s just one more thing to have to deal with. Also, I HATE the material that the tubing is made out of. It’s soft and flexible but it picks up every piece of lint, even in a clean environment, not something I want so close to my babies food.. closed system or not! This is the main reason I do not wish to continue using the Ardo pump. For the price I personally think the tubing should not be a lint/ hair magnet. The pump itself is fine, I was able to pump in the same amount of time as I would if I had used my Madela Pump In Style.

    I received the Ardo Calypso Pump as part of the weespring parent panel.

  91. C Buck

    Absolutely worth the money – Very impressed with this pump so far as I have been using it for a few weeks. My pumping history includes being a mother of a 3 yr old and a 6 month old. I use a pump when I am at work, and here and there to try and build up storage.
    I own the Medela Pump In Style backpack For $199 you get (1) microfiber bag; (1) pump; (1) 9-Volt AC adapter; (1) battery adaptor; (1) double pumping kit: 2 breastshields, 2 tubing connectors, 2 valves,4 membranes, 2 tubes; (4) 5oz/150ml breast milk bottles & lids; (1) cooler bag and ice pack.
    For comparison, the closest equivalent for Ardo is this Calypso set For $ 299.95 you get (1) pump; (1) bag with four compartments; (2) wet/dry bags, (1) AC power adapter, AA battery compartment in the pump itself for use without electrical power; (2) tubes and connectors; (2) adaptor covers the tubing attaches to; (2) flexible membrane pots; (3) set of flanges, two pump sets have flanges attached (26 mm and 31 mm), and a 28 mm insert; (1) soft Opt flow massage inserts (26mm) for massage the breast during expression; (4) valves; (1) brush for cleaning, (1) bottle holder holds two bottles; (1) cooler bag and (3) ice packs, (6) milk bottles and lids (lids double as nipple collars); Amaryl operating lever (hand pump). Ardo’s 400 hour warranty (or one year — whichever is better for mom) assures the mother of a reliable Swiss-Made breast pump that she can depend on. 400 hours is typically adequate for mom to use for two consecutive babies.
    I received an Ardo Calypso breast pump as a gift, thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel. Note that I did not get to demo all the items in the above set, I am listing them so you get an idea of what you would receive if purchasing a full unit.
    -Incredibly quiet. No joke! My husband even commented on it, and we all know husbands aren’t the greatest at noticing things when it comes to stuff that they aren’t really interested in right!?
    -Pump has a light up screen for nighttime pumping sessions.
    -Pump has battery compartment in the unit, so you don’t have an extra part to worry about losing or making sure you grab before leaving home.
    -64 total settings (vacuum is a separate setting and independent from the cycle length).
    On the Medela, I can only choose between the “stimulation phase” (shorts bursts) and “let down/expression phase” (long pumps) function, and then adjust the vacuum strength;
    The advantage with the Calypso is you can adjust the “stimulation” and “expression” pumps to quite a few different durations (shorter to longer lengths), as well as then adjusting the vacuum strength.

    -Pump set parts are one piece (flange and connector). And the valves are one piece too. Less parts is good. I thought the one piece flange would be a problem with a pumping bra, but the flanges fit easily through the hole so there wasn’t any difficulty. Plus that means the flange won’t become disconnected and the bottle won’t fall with all the liquid gold spilling out.
    -Pump set is closed system, no possibility of getting milk into the tubing or the pump unit.
    -Tubing is soft and more flexible.
    -Bottle stand in my set is for individual bottles, but it is great. Bottle fits snugly into stand and no more tipping over, or fear of tipping over, again possibly spilling precious milk. This is one of my top pros, as my Medela bottles would sometimes tip over.
    -The Calypso bottles are tapered which also adds an anti-tipping element. Don’t worry that I said the bottles are tapered, the pump sets fit my Medela bottles as well. The lids are also nipple collars. Again, Calypso helps to cut down on parts.
    -The pump unit itself is about the same size (volume) as my Medela, but it is half the weight (16 oz v.s. Medela 1 lb 14 oz). It is slender which makes it easy to throw into a small bag. Bonus for moms traveling outside the home with a pump.
    **Things I didn’t get to demo, but I wish I had in my “pumping arsenal” with the first baby:
    – The soft Opt flow massage inserts seem worth more than their weight in gold. I may order them because they can ensure you stimulate and empty the breast, which means more milk in the bottle now, and tells the body to produce more milk the next time. This can also help with avoiding or helping unplug plugged ducts so you can avoid mastitis (it’s not fun, I had it before I got the chance to try out this pump). When I try to massage with the rigid flange I loose suction and also cannot get a full range massage.
    -Cleaning brush, it’s difficult to get the little parts of any pump without one.
    -Wet dry bags, useful for traveling with pump.
    -Suction seems a little weaker. I am going to play with it more and see if I can get the same amount of milk out. Unfortunately my little one is teething and is comfort nursing often enough that I haven’t had the chance to pump before a feeding, to see if I get enough milk.

  92. Melanie Healey

    Love it! Exclusive pumper review – I have been exclusively pumping since my son was 3 months old (now 12 months). I first had a medela pump in style, and it was so harsh that I would get blisters even on the lowest setting. It was also so loud! I then moved on the a Spectra pump which I really liked! It was relatively quiet but I found it was bulky and I didn’t like the flanges that came with it. I just received the Ardo a few weeks ago and I wanted to wait until I had used it for awhile before writing a review. I honestly have been so happy with this pump! It is SO quiet! And one of the best parts is how comfortable the flanges are and the size of it. It is so portable! I love that I don’t have to worry about needing to have a table nearby to set it on. I would absolutely recommend this to any exclusively pumping moms or even moms who pumps occasionally. I only wish I had had this sooner! I received this pump through weespring parent panel to try and review but all opinions are my very own. Trust me, I know have difficult it is to be an exclusive pumper and how important it is to have a pump to love and to make sure your money it being spent wisely! Give this a try!!

  93. Kristy93

    Not so great – I received this breast pump as a gift from the weeSpring Parent Panel.
    I had high hopes for this pump but it failed my expectations. It’s quiet but that’s abou it. The suction I didn’t like, and it was hard to figure out just the right settings on it. I was able to pump a little amount before I gave up out of frustration. And the rubber flanges kept losing suction. I had better success with other pumps.

  94. Mel

    Quieter than my Medlea – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel, this pump is certainly quieter than the medlea pump I have been using at work. That feature alone makes this pump worth it so I can take calls while pumping and not have to explain what that strange noise is in the background. I do miss the feature that automatically adjusts the speed/suction after the beginning of the session that is on the medlea pumps, but since the Calypso can be manually adjusted it’s probably not that big of a deal.

  95. Kaebellasmom13

    Amazing! Wish I had this first time around! – I could literally sit here and brag forever about how amazing this breast pump is but the companies word were a HUGE plus for me!
    My major favorite part is the fact of how truly quiet it is! You can be on the phone or even in the office pumping and no one would be the wiser! This is small and compact with so much power! I love that there is so many options for setting to maximize your pumping. I love how easy it is to use, the tubing keeps everything clean and sanitary. Love how the company gives you the option which warranty you would like! No one does that! I also really like the fact that you can use batteries and an AC adapter to plug it in and use it! It truly is amazing and I wish I had this pump on my first go round since I had a really hard time pumping.. I will definitely recommend this, the price is high but well worth every penny to make our lives alittle more comfortable!

    I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel.

  96. KLH

    Good but not great yet – I got a chance to try this breast pump as part of the weeSpring Parent Panel and think it is an okay pump. I am currently pumping for my second baby and had been using the Medela and did for my first baby, as well. Overall I prefer the Medela because it takes about half the time to express the same amount of milk. I also like that the Medela automatically goes into “let down” mode, where I have to make the change myself with the Ardo. I do prefer the idea of the closed system and how quiet the Ardo is, however in ever other area the Medela is far superior. I have also tried the Ameda Purely Yours and the Ardo is better there.

    Pros: Quiet, Open system, combatible with the Kiinde system
    Cons: very slow, no automatic let down, the material the tubes are made out of attracts hair and lint easily on the outside (kind of grosses me out), somewhat difficult to assemble and take apart

  97. Rachel

    Nice – I like this pump but I am somehow getting milk up in the top part by the tubes but it hasn’t gotten into the tubes yet

  98. Gloria B.

    Best on the market- and I’ve tried them all – Been waiting on my Ardo Calypso to arrive, and it is so comfortable compared to both my medela swing and medela freestyle. I get much more milk than ever before and my nipples are not sore after pumping. Very cool

  99. Hannah

    Excellent – I absolutely love my Calypso pump, it’s so quiet and gentle. Thank you Ardo.

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