Day & Night Breast Pads (60ct)

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Feeling a little leaky? We’ve got you covered! Our Day & Night disposable breast pads will keep your clothing dry, day or night! Thanks to their high absorbency, they keep clothing dry even in the event of heavy milk leakage, ensuring maximal comfort and clothing protection.

Our pads are:

  • ultra thin but super absorbent for leak-proof confidence
  • super soft and comfortable
  • incredibly discreet
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Individually packaged for excellent hygiene, Ardo Day & Night breast pads are discrete in the purse and virtually invisible under clothing.

The pads can be positioned horizontally during the day and vertically at night to prevent breast milk leaking. Thanks to the 3D design the pads fit extremely well between bra and breasts, and feel pleasantly soft. Two adhesive strips hold the pads firmly in place inside the bra. The combination of protection and comfort is just what breastfeeding mothers need.

6 reviews for Day & Night Breast Pads (60ct)

  1. MC Monte

    These pads are much softer than other brands I have worn. I was impressed with how soft they remain and you really don’t feel how much is absorbed but after wearing them overnight and not feeling stiff filled pads was nice. The adhesive on the back is seriously lacking I tried with a variety of nursing bras & materials and they didn’t stick to any. I stopped removing the paper and just slide them in, I noticed when sticking them on they would ball up.
    I have very sensitive skin and they don’t irritate at all.

  2. Pkbudny

    After using several types of disposable breast pads, I found these to be the softest and most comfortable to wear. They are absorbent, even overnight. I liked how they were shaped to fit you and were comfortable to wear all day. The adhesive to stick to your bra didn’t hold up all day for me and caused some bunching so I tended to just place the pad in the bra without using the adhesive to avoid that.

  3. Shannon Lamaestra

    Whereas most breast-pads absorb liquid and swell like a diaper, to an uncomfortable fitting, these slim fit ones are perfect for day and night time use without the fuss. Even after leakage, they are still comfortable to wear. The best part is- you don’t have to buy specific ones for day and night; these do both. Not only does it save money, but the convenience of the design working to deliver the end goal is great!!

  4. Kristi

    Great nursing pads. I’m fighting an over supply so I leak quite a bit at each feed. These odd have a plastic coating on the back even when they are super full they don’t get my shirt wet. I have tried a ton of pads and these are some of the best, no leaks, stay put, don’t look weird in my shirt 🙂

  5. Yeah.

    I love everything about these breast pads! They really are ultra absorbant – they never leak on me, even when saturated! I also love the contoured shape and the way they fit comfortably without awkward lumps. They are comfortable and feel soft and gentle on sore nipples, and the adhesive backing holds on really well inside my bras without shifting or bunching. I also like the individual, easy to open wrapping. I much prefer the Ardo Day & Night Pads over all the other brands I’ve tried!

  6. Hmeye909

    These were ok. I usually use the target brand which are $5.77 for 60 so these are a little more pricey. I also don’t think they absorb as quickly as others I’ve used, I’ve noticed them leaking through a few times while nursing on the other side. However I feel like they do hold quite a bit. They will get the job done.

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