Day & Night Pads (60ct)


Ardo Day & Night Pads disposable breast pads help enhance the well-being of breastfeeding mothers. Thanks to their high absorbency they keep clothing dry even in the event of heavy milk leakage, ensuring maximal comfort and clothing protection.

Hygienic and absorbent, whether on the move or resting.

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Individually packaged for excellent hygiene, Ardo Day & Night breast pads are discrete in the purse and virtually invisible under clothing.

The pads can be positioned horizontally during the day and vertically at night to prevent breast milk leaking. Thanks to the 3D design the pads fit extremely well between bra and breasts, and feel pleasantly soft. Two adhesive strips hold the pads firmly in place inside the bra. The combination of protection and comfort is just what breastfeeding mothers need.


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