Easy Clean (5 Cleaning Bags)


Clean breastfeeding accessories quickly and safely

Give your baby the best protection against bacteria and other pathogens with Easy Clean microwave bags – without the hassle of boiling or sterilizing.

Microwavable items such as bottles or breast pump accessories can be steam-cleaned easily and quickly in these bags at any time.

For more security and independence. Fast. Safe. Clean.

Includes: 5 bags (20 uses per bag), in retail packaging

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Important Features:

  • For steam cleaning breastfeeding accessories such as bottles and pumpsets
  • Kills bacteria and germs
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Hygienic and safe
  • Saves space
  • Perfect for use at home and on the move
  • Saves energy and expense
  • 1 bag = 20 steam cleanings

Includes: 5 bags (20 uses per bag), in retail packaging


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