One-Mom Pump Set D31 Sterile Pump Set (for Professionals)

Sterilized pump set with 31mm breast shell / flange for use with Ardo Calypso and Carum breast pumps

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The sterile One-Mom Pump Set can be used immediately without the need for cleaning prior to initial use.
This Pump Set contains a complete set of items and is very easy to put together. The use of the One-Mom
Pump Set is quickly explained, saving healthcare staff valuable time.

Outstanding hygiene and safety

The One-Mom Pump Set is individually packed and sterile kit, designed for use by only one mother. In
addition, the One-Mom Pump Set works as a closed pump system, based on the proven “Vacuum Seal”
technology by Ardo. The hygiene barrier installed in the breast shell protects the breast milk as well as the
pump from contamination. The One-Mom Pump Set offers an outstanding level of hygiene and safety in
your hospital or lactation consultancy.


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