Optiflow Massage Inserts (Set of 2)


Bust those clogs while pumping! Or do you have smaller nipples? These silicone inserts are perfect if you need smaller flanges.

Do you need a flange smaller than 22mm? Are you suffering from clogged ducts or do you have elastic breast tissue? Our unique Optiflow silicone massage inserts are the perfect silicone insert for smaller nipples. If you have frequent clogs, these inserts also allow you to fully massage your breast all the way down to your nipple while pumping. Most flanges suction above the area areola, not allowing you to successfully massage your entire breast as you pump. Our Optiflow inserts suction in the tunnel of your existing flange, letting you use hands on massage techniques without breaking the seal. Or, are you looking to increase your milk supply? Try hands-on massaging while pumping using our Optiflow inserts. The Optiflow active breast massage insert is made of pure silicone which gently, but actively, massages the areola. This effect stimulates the milk ejection reflex for a comfortable and efficient expressing experience.

Requires 31mm breast shell/flange for use. Not included.


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Important Features:

  • Air chamber system with thin windows actively massages your breast
  • Gentle massage can make breast milk flow faster
  • Efficient and comfortable expressing experience
  • Soft supple silicone. Contains no BPA.

Includes: 2 x Optiflow 26 mm


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