Ardo Tulips Contact Nipple Shields (Set of 2)

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Our Tulips Contact Nipple Shields can help you achieve your breastfeeding goals if you are experiencing latch issues related to:

➡️ Teething baby
➡️ Inverted nipples
➡️ Flat nipples
➡️ Tongue tie
➡️ Premature baby
➡️ Overactive letdown

Our Nipple Shields are made in Switzerland, BPA free, ultra-thin, soft, and specially designed for your baby. The ridge-free design helps maximize skin-to-skin contact so you can continue your breastfeeding journey.

  • HELPS IMPROVE BREASTFEEDING: Our Tulips Contact Nipple Shields can help you achieve your breastfeeding goals if you are experiencing pain or latch issues related to: inverted nipples, flat nipples, tongue tie, overactive letdown, premature baby that can’t achieve a deep latch
  • NO RIDGES: The anti-ridge design helps avoid nipple abrasion and maximize skin-to-skin contact so you can continue your breastfeeding journey with comfort
  • SWISS MADE: Our Tulips Contact Nipple Shields are made in Switzerland, BPA-free, ultra-thin and incredibly soft
  • CORRECT SIZE: We offer a range of Nipple Shield sizes. We offer sizes 16mm (size S), 20mm (size M), or 24mm (size L) so you can find the perfect fit for you and your baby
  • HYGIENIC: 2 Tulips Nipple Shields and a carrying case are included in each box for hygienic carrying in your purse or bag
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When needed, nipple shields help support pain-free breastfeeding by making it easier for the baby to latch on, and protecting and relieving the severely stressed nipples. The special tulip shape means that the baby experiences the smell of its mother close up. Comes with a storage box for increased portability and hygiene. Available in Small (16mm), Medium (20mm), and Large (24mm) sizes. Includes one pair (2) contact nipple shields with carrying case.

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11 reviews for Ardo Tulips Contact Nipple Shields (Set of 2)

  1. Anakole

    I have used nipple shields since the beginning of my nursing journey. I started out with 24mm Medela ones they offered me in the hospital and have used them on and off since. I ultimately ended up purchasing a small (20mm) from Lansinoh and those became my daily pair since they were cheaper and 100% comparable to each other, aside from the obvious size difference.

    When I was looking for a smaller pair (Lansinoh was still not as small as I needed) I came across Ardo’s Tulips. The price point was SUPER appealing and they carried 16mm (this is what I consider small! NOT a 20mm!) So, what did I have to lose.

    Ladies, if you use nipple shields.. do not “save for later” PUT THESE IN YOUR CART NOW! You will only be mad at the fact you waited so long to try these for yourself.

    I’ve always been a huge Ardo fan, so I knew the quality was going to be amazing, but let’s talk about design.

    Medela and Lansinoh both were made from a much thicker cut silicone, and the shields would pop off a lot of times before I even latched baby, not Ardo. They literally seal to your skin and stay in place. Not only that, but they are SO comfortable. You would think silicone was silicone right? Wrong! Lansinoh and Medela both have ridges around the edges that do become irritating after baby is latched a while. I have not experienced any irritation from the Ardo Tulips. I also love that these came in a small little green case too and not a wildly bulky one like the Lansinoh ones did.

    10/10 recommend these to any woman who is currently nursing that experiences any amount of nipple pain at all, or new moms that plan to breastfeed.

  2. Jerrick Guerrero

    We so appreciated this when baby was born. Baby had a shallow latch and mom ended having blisters and clogged ducts for the first week after coming home. The shields helped provide some relief when we continued to encourage breastfeeding until the blisters healed. Tip for others–definitely measure or be open to getting larger sizes if your milk comes in more than previous breastfeeding journeys. We got a medium, but definitely should have chosen a large since engorgement from the clogged ducts made it difficult for the medium to fit. Love that these are affordable and easy to get to shipped to the house when needed!

  3. Shannon

    I bought these for a different reason than intended. I have Breast Cancer and had a double mastectomy. Well after 6 surgeries I was ready for nipple reconstruction. I wore these for 2 months 24/7. They clean well and was perfect. My plastic surgeon recommended these.

  4. Kia

    My newborn was having trouble latching. They gave me a medela shield in the hospital but it wasnt great. I had gotten these from my baby registry so we gave them a try once we got home from the hospital and they work like a charm. No more latching issues.

  5. Kim C.

    These have been indispensable! My only complaint is that they don’t stay on. When you have a hungry baby who’s ready to eat you might not have ready access to hot water or lanolin to help with the adhesion. It can be especially frustrating to use if you have a handsy baby.

  6. TK

    Perfect nipple shield. I was given one of these by my lactation consultant to help correct flat nipples and let my child learn to latch with less frustration. It is easy to use and easy to clean. I LOVE that it comes in a size Medium – which I couldn’t find from brands at the store. It fit me well without pinching or filling too full and drowning my newborn. The best part is the case. A clear shield can get lost easily (I misplaced my first all the time!), so a case is a must! I recommend this shield to friends often.

  7. Charlesp

    My son is 2 weeks old and when in the hospital he was on formula because I wasn’t producing milk yet.. fast forward, when we got home the milk was coming but he was so use to the bottle that it was hard for him to latch, so my sister recommended the nipple shield to help him transition from the bottle to the breast. I got the nipple shield today and within minutes of giving it a try my son was able to latch without any problems. IM VERY HAPPY…. my milk production won’t decreased and I’m able to take him off formula completely.

  8. Xs

    Little one had a cold, worked brilliantly to help him feed and also for when nipples are sore helps give them chance to heal.

  9. Aulona

    Nice mum was happy and baby too, very comfortable.

  10. Ana

    Nice and thin! Work great! A savior to my super sore, bleeding nipples after bringing baby home.

  11. Angie

    The expecting couple loved it

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