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Congratulations on Becoming an Ardo Mom!

Ardo breastpumps are unique, safe and individual to you. 

Thanks to the innovative "Vacuum Seal" Technology the breastpumps meet the very highest safety requirements, as demanded by healthcare professionals and by moms. This is how your breast milk is completely protected from pathogens, and the pump is kept from damage by breast milk leaking into it.


When developing their electric breastpumps, Ardo ensured that the product range meets your individual and personal needs.


All Ardo Breastfeeding aids are free from Bisphenol-A (BPA). 


Your Ardo advantages:

  • Uncompromising Swiss-Made quality.
  • Absolute flexibility, meeting your needs with independent speed and vacuum controls.
  • Retail pump packages include three sizes of flanges -- moms do not have to purchase extra accessories to use their pump.
  • Total safety for mother and baby with closed system -- no milk in tubes or pump!
  • Unique 400 hour or one-year warranty – whichever is better for mom.
  • Ardo is WHO Code Compliant.