Mamas ask me every day about galactagogues — foods, herbs and medications that you can take to increase your milk supply. Here’s a quick guide to use when deciding which basic type of galactagogue you need.

From strongest to weakest, here are the basic categories:

Strongest — Prescription meds to increase prolactin. This includes Domperidone (my preferred prescription medication) and Raglan (not commonly prescribed anymore due to side effects).

Herbal Tinctures  — Next to prescription medications, the strongest method. To moms who don’t know what a tincture is I usually say it’s like a the essential oil of an orange versus the juice. 100 times more potent! I recommend Motherlove brand tinctures.

Ingesting (or eating) — Before my patent-pending Boobie Bars, moms had to take dried herb capsules. Boobie Bars give you a daily dose in just ONE vegan bar. I created the bars because I have had more success with herbal blends than with single herbs due to the dose needed if only one herb and the wasted time if that herb doesn’t spike a prolactin increase.

Teas — The weakest form of galactagogues because the dried herb is being diluted in water.

My favorite herbs are the herbs I include in Boobie Bars — Moringa(malunggay), shartaveri, turmeric etc.