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Calypso-To-Go Breast Pump | Double Electric Breast Pump On The Go

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Quietest Breastpump on the Market*

The Calypso-To-Go is the ultimate collection with all you need to be totally mobile when you are expressing. The collection includes a double breastpump plus a complete selection of breastfeeding accessories, easy to transport in a stylish breastfeeding bag. Accessories also include: cool bag and cooling elements for storing breast milk.

The Calypso breastpump features independent vacuum and cycle adjustment with 64 total settings. "Vacuum Seal" technology creates a closed system -- no milk in the tubes or pump. Includes three different sizes of breast shells to ensure that every mother can find the right size to suit her nipple. The soft Optiflow massage inserts (26mm) actively massage the breast and ensure efficient and gentle expression. Ardo's 400 hour warranty (or one year -- whichever is better for mom) assures the mother of a reliable Swiss-made breastpump that she can depend on. WHO Code Compliant.

*See noise tests and more information here.

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  • Quality
    Quiet, Efficient, Small/Portable, Comfortable. I Love this pump & this company!
    Review by Monica / (Posted on 4/16/2019)
    I absolutely love my Ardo Calypso Double Electric Pump! I also love the company as they always seem very easy to work with, responsive, & clearly care about their customers & products!

    I am a working mother of 1 & have been exclusively breastfeeding our little one for going on 4 months now. Needing to have a milk supply saved up for when I went back to work & then continuing to pump once I had to return to work both seemed like daunting tasks. THANKS to my Ardo I have been able to do both successfully & easily! There are really so many pumps out there so let me break down why this one is THE BEST:

    - It is QUIET! Quietest pump available & let me tell you, this makes pumping SO much more enjoyable, not feeling like you're a cow hooked up to some loud "ka-chunk ka-chunk ka-chunk" sounding machine. This makes pumping at home nice because my husband couldn't even hear it if I had the nursery door shut while I was pumping if he had a work call to be on, or if company was over. Also, when I have to pump at work it's nice to have something as quiet as possible. I CAN BE PUMPING & ON A WORK CALL & NO ONE CAN TELL because of how quiet it is :)

    - It's SMALL! (see my pics) this pump is SO small which makes taking it on the go a breeze! It's the size of my hand basically & fairly thin (again see pics) it seriously reminds me of the little CD player/walkman I used to have lol This small size really is a huge bonus.

    - It's PORTABLE! In the early days when we were first home with baby & I was trying to store milk to build up a freezer stash it made it much easier to pump because I could just use it with batteries & didn't have to be plugged in to an outlet & only sit in that spot! There have been many times I have been pumping with this & walking around to throw in a load of laundry etc. So I like that I don't have to be stuck in one spot. I also have to pump in the restroom while at work, so I like that I can be standing up & moving around/or if I am working from home & I am pumping I can be pumping & getting other things done/moving around.

    - It's EFFECTIVE & RELIABLE! This pump seriously works GREAT! It gets all of my milk out easily & is comfortable. (Anyone saying it's not getting their milk out should probably evaluate their flange size, because I selected a proper fitting flange & have never had an issue for a second). I do faster cycled with lower vacuum to initiate a let-down, then once my milk is flowing out I switch it to higher vacuum & lower cycles (this is what the manual suggested & it works great).

    -It's EASY TO CLEAN & A CLOSED SYSTEM. I seriously love that all of the parts are easy to clean & that it's a closed system, so no yucky bacteria or moisture can get into the pump itself! :)

    This pump is wonderful (SO ARE THEIR FREEZER BAGS & MANUAL PUMP TOO) I am sure you will be happy with it! :)
  • Quality
    Best pump yet!
    Review by Pumpinmama / (Posted on 5/11/2018)
    Bought this pump sealed in box from a friend, and boy am I glad! It's definitely quiet. For 4 months now I've used my spectra brand pumps and there had to be something better! I found this Ardo set and I've used it 4 hours a day since it was delivered! Virtually no pain, my breasts have recovered from damage from my other pumps, and it empties in half the time! 5 stars!