Pumping During Shabbat

Pumping With the Calypso During Shabbat

Sabbath mode, also known as Shabbos mode or Shabbat mode, is a feature in many modern home appliances intended to allow the appliances to be used by Shabbat-observant Jews on the Shabbat and Jewish holidays. However, if a Shabbat-observant Jew needs to pump during these religious holidays, she has few options available to her.

The Ardo Calypso breast pump is the only personal electric pump that offers Shabbat mode. Operating our pump in Shabbat mode is extremely simple. To prepare the pump for Shabbat:

  1. First, plug in the breast pump to the wall outlet, followed by plugging in the ac adapter to the back of the pump.
  2. Next, power the breast pump on and select the vacuum and cycles stetting that will be used while pumping.
  3. After the appropriate settings are selected, you must remove the AC adapter from the wall outlet INSTEAD of powering off the pump. This will keep the vacuum and cycles settings saved.
  4. Then, program the Shabbat clock to the times that she wants to pump. When plugged into the Shabbat clock, the pump will automatically start at the pre-programmed time that she set on the Shabbat clock. This allows you to not have to manipulate the electrical settings on the breast pump.

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