Soothe those burning nips! 🔥🔥

Our Ardo Care Lanolin is:

🧯 100% ULTRA-PURE LANOLIN: Highest quality lanolin from Europe; 100% ultra-pure medical grade lanolin; unbleached and free of any additives (no colorings, fragrances or preservatives, no BHT or other antioxidants, no parabens)

🧯 QUICK & EFFECTIVE RELIEF: Soothes and helps protect sore and cracked nipples of breastfeeding mothers to keep the skin soft and supple; restores and supplements the skin’s natural oils that are removed during breastfeeding

🧯 SAFE FOR BABY: No need to remove before breastfeeding
BREASTFEEDING MUST-HAVE: Smooth consistency; easy to spread; neutral taste and smell

🧯 FOR ANY TYPE OF SKIN: Suitable for all skin types – very dry to oily; not only for cracked nipple – can be used on any skin area

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