One mum who bought a Calypso breast pump writes in her review about her experiences pumping long term,

I used this breast pump as a double pump for several months towards the end of my breastfeeding journey. My daughter was born 8 weeks early and we never managed to breastfeed properly so I exclusively expressed breast milk for her for 11 months. 

I was renting a hospital grade pump to start with but I also needed a smaller more portable pump for weekends away and for whilst working the odd keeping in touch day at work. This pump works great for me. It is quiet, quick to set up and easy to clean. I got good let down and was able to pump as quickly as when I was using the hospital-grade machine. I would highly recommend this pump to all mums.

I just wish I had brought this pump right at the beginning. I found the customer service to be excellent and the price of the pump to be very competitive over other brands particularly for a double pump with a closed hygienic system. Exclusively expressing breast milk is very hard work and this pump made my life a lot easier.

You might want to keep supplying your baby with breastmilk for longer or if you are donating your milk to a milk bank. Whatever the reason, here are some tips below to help you keep pumping for longer.

Some mums find having a set daily schedule helps pumping sessions become part of your normal day to day routine. You could set reminders on your phone or even write notes on post-it’s to help remind you of the next session

One of the popular tips to help you keep going, is to set yourself small achievable goals – for example, continue to pump for a set amount of days, a date marked on your calendar or until a particular milestone is achieved.

Many mums find that by having a good family/life balance in their lives it helps to stop their pumping from taking over.

Remember it’s not the end of the world if you drop a session or two. There is no need to feel guilty; sometimes other things in life that crop up are more important.

If you are finding it difficult, get in touch with others who can give you support.

Also – don’t forget to congratulate yourself on making it this far!

Whatever you decide to do in the future is no doubt the best for you, your family and little one.

Can you think of any more tips for pumping longer term? Do comment and share your advice for other mum’s…