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ARDO's Vacuum Seal Techology

Graphic Closed System

Membrane Pot Blue

The silicone membrane pot integrated into the Pumpset is at the heart of our "Vacuum Seal" Technology.

This technology ensures that there is a total barrier between the breast milk and any pathogenic agents. "Vacuum Seal" guarantees protection of the breast, breast milk and the pump against contamination. The technology, along with the Carum and Calypso breast pumps, is FDA approved. Components such as the silicone tubing do not have to be boiled/sterilized before use, and no additional filter in the Carum or Calypso is required, unlike in pumps from other manufacturers which require additional filters inside the pump. Therefore, the Carum and Calypso breast pumps are maintenance-free and do not require cleaning (except, of course, when they get dirty on the outside). Due to the Vacuum Seal Technology, mothers do not have to worry about milk, moisture, or mildew in the tubing or in the breast pump.