22 mm Silicone Inserts


Comfort is one of the most important factors for successful pumping. Ardo silicone 22 mm flange inserts increase comfort while pumping and improve milk output. The soft silicone material feels gentle on the skin while the rounded upper edges allow a smooth transition into the flange. The long funnel of the insert prevents friction points and is also suitable for particularly elastic nipples. The transparent design of the inserts allows for easy positioning of the nipple in the flanges, thus preventing sore nipples that have not been centered correctly. The transparent silicone also makes it possible to see the milk flowing from the breast. The BPA-free, food grade silicone is very easy to clean. The Ardo silicone 22 mm inserts are compatible with Ardo 26 mm flanges.

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• SOFT AND COMFORTABLE SILICONE – comfort helps milk production; the silicone insert increases comfort while pumping because the soft surface feels gentle against your skin
• IDEAL FOR ALL NIPPLE SIZES – the funnel rim is rounded and has the same length as the breast shell, allowing all mothers to pump with ease
• TRANSPARENT DESIGN – because the silicone insert is transparent, you can check the size of the insert and center/position your nipple in the breast shell with ease, preventing sore nipples due to rubbing caused by the wrong position; the transparent silicone also allows you to watch your milk flow as you pump
• COMPATIBLE FLANGES - compatible with Ardo 26 mm flanges
• BPA-free, made of food-grade silicone