All Ardo personal-use electric breast pumps carry our exclusive 400 hour warranty good for 400 hours of use or one year, whichever is better for our moms.

Legendary Swiss quality reflects, and is reflected, in everything we do.

We value the highest production standards, uncompromising and unmistakable quality of materials, and good design. For the production of our new range of breastfeeding products, it was clear to us that we must find a supplier of plastic and electronics, in the immediate vicinity of the production facility. The qualitative, environmental and economic benefits of such a choice are clear.

The Ardo Quality Management is certified under EN 13485: 2003. This means that the entire business is subject to strict quality regulations. Our products also meet the requirements of the EU Directive 93/42 EWB for medical devices and the Medical Devices Act. Compliance with the relevant EU Directives/Guidelines and CE Designation is confirmed in our Declaration of Conformity. Ongoing improvements of processes and quality, together with regular inspections by the notified EU body (TÜV: The TUV certificate for quality and safety of approved products and companies.) ensure that all our products comply with all relevant safety and electromagnetic compatibility requirements.