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Here's looking at you
and your free insurance Ardo pump!
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soothe those
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help prevent tearing
during birth
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Ardo Natal Anti-Stretch mark cream
made with hyaluronic acid!
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we’re here for you, mama

Shop our products for every stage of your journey

Ardo pregnancy support products

Pregnancy & Birth Products

From stopping and diminishing stretch marks to preventing tearing during birth, our Ardo Natal products are here to nurture your needs during your pregnancy and birth

ardo breast care products

Breast Care Products

Soothe those sore, breastfeeding nipples with our Ardo Care line – formulated with only the highest quality ingredients that offer the quick relief you need

ardo breast pumps and accessories

Breast Pumps & Accessories

Our Swiss-made breast pumps, designed in conjunction with lactation consultants and engineers, truly mimic your baby’s latch and suckling, letting you pump more milk

About Ardo

From mountains to milk, our Swiss-made products support you on your journey through motherhood

Born from the desire to help nurture mothers through pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, and the constant pursuit of developing the highest-quality Swiss-made products, we are honored to be along side all-important journey of nurturing your new life.

ardo best breast pump

get your free insurance-covered Ardo breast pump!

Did you know that under federal regulations, many health insurance plans must pay for breast pump?


Most health plans cover the Ardo Calypso breast pump and getting your Ardo breast pump is easy! Simply fill out our form by clicking on the button below to place your breast pump order.

pumping with the best breast pump

why Ardo breast pumps are best

Meet your new ‘breast’ friend!

swiss made breast pump


Our pumps are manufactured in Switzerland and developed in cooperation
with lactation consultants using modern hospital strength technology and expertise.

ultra silent breast pump


Our breast pumps are the quietest breast pump on the market. In comparison with many pumps, it is only perceived to be half as loud. Our pump is powerful yet gentle.

ardo calypso breast pump
battery operated breast pump

Extremely Portable

Our pumps are portable (weighs less than 1 lb) and versatile with three power options, including AA battery option & regular wall adapter

doctor recommended breast pump

Professional Recommended

A large-scale study confirms that health care professionals highly recommend the Calypso over other pump brands.

need pumping help?

Our Lactation Consultant is here for you!

Jennifer Pitkin

Jennifer Pitkin


At Ardo, we want you have to have the best pumping experience possible. That is why we have a Lactation Consultant on staff to help you with all you pumping needs. Whether you need help with fitting your flanges, support on using our Ardo Tulips Nipple Shields, or just are just looking for pumping tips, we’re here to help.

Jennifer can be reached via email at [email protected] or by calling 844-441-ARDO.


What mamas are saying

Using Ardo Calypso has been fantastic! It is much quieter than any other pumps I’ve tried and also I feel like it’s much gentler. Other pumps I’ve tried would actually hurt sometimes (a pinchy sensation), but this one doesn’t. I also love that it’s a closed system and the milk doesn’t get into tubes, which makes it easier for cleaning and fewer pieces to clean in general. I haven’t used the battery option yet, but i think it’s awesome that there is such option to use the pump on the go. The suction has been great and I had no issues so far at all. I would definitely recommend this pump to any mom out there!


Amazon Review

This pump will exceed your expectations and more! I cannot stress enough how refreshing this pump is and stands apart from other pumps I’ve owned and used.
*It is extremely comfortable and quiet which is a bonus ! I own four other pumps and always dreaded pumping as it resulted in leaving me with sore nipples, but after using this magical device, I actually look forward to pumping! You almost feel hardly any suction, but it is actually very powerful.

Lucy C.

Amazon Review

I bought the Ardo for my daughter in law , who was not happy with her insurance pump. She says she is so happy now the Calypso To-Go lets her get more milk, it’s quieter and it’s so much lighter. Her best comment of all is “ it’s doesn’t hurt”. Her insurance pump felt like it was shaking milk out of her. When we researched together, we saw that the Ardo pump says it doesn’t use that kind of pumping to get milk out and it feels so much more gentler. It doesn’t feel like it’s rubber band releasing her nipple either. It gently releases to the next pull of milk, so it’s seamless. I’m so glad that she is more likely to continue to breast feed my grandson after the quarantine ends and she has to go back to work.


Amazon Review

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