Experiencing a problem with your Ardo pump? It is important that your pumpset (the plastic parts that touch your breasts) is assembled correctly for your breastpump to work correctly.

  1. Ensure the pumpset is assembled correctly. Download the guide and watch the video if necessary. Test each pumpset individually by single pumping.
  2. If your pumpset is assembled correctly, download the troubleshooting guide, testing each pumpset individually by single pumping.
  3. If you have had your pump for a while, it is likely that you need to replace parts of the pumpset. They are available here on the website and also on Amazon with Prime Shipping. Check with the supplier who provided your insurance pump to see if your insurance company will cover any spare parts. If your pump is shutting off, the valves are the most likely problem.
If you need help troubleshooting or determining which pieces of the pumpset need replaced, call our customer service line at 415-504-1754. You can also chat live with us during office hours or leave us a message by clicking the Chat/Help icon on the bottom right of the screen. We are on Facebook at ArdoUSA and customer service can be reached directly at

Check your email and phone for our response. We respond promptly to open tickets and if you do not receive a call back, email or text from us in 24 hours please call 415-504-1754. Your email/phone is likely blocking our emails with a spam filter, etc.