This pump is a life saver. During the power outage we experienced during Isaias I could still pump. The change of handle orientation for left and right pumping, and the easy handle operation makes a successful pump session possible.   — Maria

Perfect on the go manual breast pump. Very convenient for quick pumping session. No issues here. Would recommend to anyone.   — Oc

The pump is very convenient. It’s simple to put together and easy to clean, store and use. The handle is very sturdy, you can pump at your rhythm. Overall, the pump has a nice suction, it's easy to have full control the speed and the force. The breast shells are the most common sizes, had no problem with the fitting. The ergonomic handle does help avoid fatigue, my hand does not get too tired, and I love that right- and left-handed people can use it. The pump is quiet when using. I find it better than the Medela manual breast pump. Plus, it's an excellent value for the price. I am very happy with this purchase.   — Sofia Espinoza Alvarez

The Ardo hand pump is a perfect tool for pumping! I find this super helpful when needing a quick pump to relieve some pressure or travel. I just took it on a trip and loved how light, compact and quiet it is to use! I loved how simple it is to put together and disassemble for easy cleaning too. The handle moves in a few different positions to be more ergonomic for left or right sided use. It also comes automatically with two flange sizes and easily interchangeable. The pump has the common duckbill shaped membrane and even comes with an extra. I also liked that it comes with a base to rest it on and a screw cap for the bottle if you need to store your milk in that one. I found I was able to extract a good amount of milk with this and could easily mimic my electric pump with quick short bursts of suction or longer slower draws. I really liked this hand pump!   — Adzam

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Received this cream about 2 weeks ago and started using right away. I have been using bio oil since fall 2020 during and post pregnancy without much change in my stretch marks. This cream is thick yet goes on smooth with absolutely no stickiness or oily feeling once absorbed (which by the way is quick!) there is no smell, perfume or bad which is really nice! The cream honestly makes my skin Soooo soft and I already see my stretch marks lightening! I will definitely be purchasing this again and gifting to all of my expecting mom friends!   — StephenP

I have been using this cream for close to eight weeks now, and I’m seriously impressed! I’ve always had deep purply, angry, stretch marks since my first son was born. It took close to 6 years for them to “silver” over and I truly thought I would be in for the long haul with this set too. Luckily, I’m a sucker for skin care and I love changing up my products.. which led me to this. The Ardo anti-stretch mark cream sold me with its hyaluronic acid formula (hey, if it didn’t work on my stretch marks it could double as an excellent face cream). The product itself is not at all greasy and it absorbs very well into the skin. I truthfully wish I had this during my pregnancy, I kind of feel a bit cheated haha! (I guess I know what to have in my maternity bag the next go around). I do want to note that this cream is fragrance free. It’s perfect for someone with allergies and fragrance sensitivity. Don’t let the missing sweet smell fool you, this stuff packs a powerful punch.   — Anakole

Overall, the Ardo stretch mark cream was satisfying to use and I will probably be purchasing it again. I have been collecting a bunch of different stretch mark creams and oils to prevent and improve the situation of my baby bump. This so far has been one of my favorites. It’s a cream and it’s quite thick when you squirt it out which is nice- but it absorbs and doesn’t leave you with that sticky or oily feeling which is nice. Some of my other oils and creams I can only apply at night because it would seep throughout my clothing but this goes right into your skin. It also has a very neutral smell. I have been suffering from scent aversions so this has been a life saver. I wish I would have started using this from the beginning of my pregnancy!   — Geena

Game changer for sore nipples. Loved the quality and fast delivery. Must have for all nursing moms.   — Kate

I have been exclusively pumping for the last 5 months and have never thought about using a cream up until recently. Ever since using this cream pumping is painless, my nipples are not sore anymore and best of all it is safe for my daughter   — Paige Coke

I like the soothing components of this product compared to the other lanolin that I've tried. Not only do I apply it after breastfeeding, I also use it prior to pumping for ease and comfort. Lastly, I can appreciate the small packaging which doesn't take up so much space in my bag.   — Leah

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I currently have four different nipple creams in my stash and this one is the best. Unlike some other lanolin creams, this one is 100% pure lanolin, without any fillers or additional ingredients. Unlike other pure lanolin creams, this one is not at all sticky or excessively thick. It is thick enough to provide protection and moisture, but it spreads on easily and comfortably. My nipples have been chapped lately and they’re already noticeably healed after one week. I’ve also been putting it on my hands and cuticles at night, and I immediately stopped getting hangnails. I definitely recommend this product for chapped nipples or any dry skin that needs protection and healing.   — Amanda

I wish I had this before I had given birth. I had a pretty knarly tear in the perineal area after giving birth and it was difficult during recovery. I'm actually using this during my postpartum phase just as a moisturizer for dry skin in targeted areas, particularly my feet. During pregnancy my feet swelled up pretty badly, with edema and all, and after giving birth everything went back to normal except that my skin was really dry and stretched out. This oil felt very soothing to me and also moisturizing. I could tell that if I had used this prior to giving birth my perineal would not have suffered such a tear and my discomfort wouldn't be so severe. I'm happy with this oil and like that there are no super strong and artificial fragrance as I am sensitive to that sort of thing. Recommend!   — Prime Cat

Just started using this oil and I can honestly say I am amazed. First of all when you open the bottle it smells amazing! Plus for it being vegan! So far it has worked great for me and I have also started adding it to my daily routine and started putting it on my belly to prevent stretch marks and itching. Definite five stars!!   — Lorena

The expecting couple loved it   — Angie

Nice and thin! Work great! A savior to my super sore, bleeding nipples after bringing baby home.   — Ana

Nice mum was happy and baby too, very comfortable.   — Aulona

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Best breast pump! - This is my second pumping journey and how badly I’ve wanted an Ardo pump. After plenty of research, I was sold on the companies compliance with the WHO Breastfeeding Code, the closed system, and the quietest pump on the market. This pump has not disappointed!! I’m a childbirth educator and doula and recommend it to all of my clients. Even the hand pump is helpful on occasion and I’ve had the best customer service experience. I highly recommend this pump!   — Sierra S.

Highly Recommended - The family of Ardo pumps are the finest available breast pumps on the market today. Ardo has considered the need for effectiveness, a quiet, closed system, as well as a choice of flange sizes. With the Swiss design and manufacturing, choosing Ardo means that mothers finally have a pump that out shines every other. Ardo is perfect pump for every mother.   — Kathleen Huggins, R.N., M.S., IBCLC, Author of "The Nursing Mothers’ Companion”

Perfect for on the go or working Mom's - This is a good pump. i love how small it is so i can just slip the whole thing in my purse and go. I also can go buy a pack of batteries if i'm on the go and use that option. However the bottle leaks like crazy i've tried tightening it and still i find my pants wet from breast milk because of the leaking from the bottle. I did go to the store and bought a regular bottle that fits the flange and haven't had a leak since. I'd definitely recommend this for working mom's because of the size. It's so much easier then having a bigger pump so you're not having to carry two different bags into work. So all in all the only complaint i have is the leaking bottle, but it was an easy $1 fix!   — Libby

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An amazing pump, quiet, gentle, yet very efficient, especially with the soft massage inserts. Once I went through the quick guide, the pump set is easy to put together. While it does not have a letdown button, I could easily adjust cycles and vacuum once milk started coming in. Plus the bag is sturdy & versatile.   — Nai Pereira

Feels great - This pump feels realistic, it provides a pleasant pumping experience.   — Realistic Feeling

Best pump yet! - Bought this pump sealed in box from a friend, and boy am I glad! It's definitely quiet. For 4 months now I've used my spectra brand pumps and there had to be something better! I found this Ardo set and I've used it 4 hours a day since it was delivered! Virtually no pain, my breasts have recovered from damage from my other pumps, and it empties in half the time! 5 stars!   — Pumpinmama

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Excellent - I absolutely love my Calypso pump, it's so quiet and gentle. Thank you Ardo.   — Hannah

Best on the market- and I've tried them all - Been waiting on my Ardo Calypso to arrive, and it is so comfortable compared to both my medela swing and medela freestyle. I get much more milk than ever before and my nipples are not sore after pumping. Very cool   — Gloria B.

Nice - I like this pump but I am somehow getting milk up in the top part by the tubes but it hasn't gotten into the tubes yet   — Rachel

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Quiet pump! - This pump is not only easy to clean but also extremely quiet while I’m pumping! Other pumps would wake my babies up but not the Ardo Calypso pump. I’m so glad I bought this breast pump.   — Sonia

Making motherhood a little bit easier - I adore my ardo calypso! It’s really helped to ease me into a nice feeding routine. The pump is small enough to easily take to work with me and so silent that I can actually hear myself think while pumping.   — May

Easy to carry around, silent and smooth - I love this product because it is very smooth on the nipple. It makes the pumping experience more comfortable because it doesn’t make much noise and it is easy to move around the house. I would encourage people to cut some holes on an old bra and that way, Ardo becomes a hands free pumper.   — María

Amazing pump! - This pump is so quiet that I can finally pump and not wake up my baby. It’s also extremely easy to clean and won’t take me an extra 10 min of cleaning after each pump session. I’m slo happy with my Ardo Calypso pump.   — Soniasaiid

Highly reccomended - This is the best product on the market. Any mother who tries it will choose it over the other pumps as it is so customizable for the comfort of the user with 64 different setting. It's so quiet it can be used anywhere anytime. and the peace of mind knowing the closed system prevents contamination of the pump an tubing is an extra benefit.   — DME company

Amazing kit - This kit is everything ! I love the green color and the shape of the bottles . the bag holds everything ! And the pump is pretty amazing too! So glad I got this   — Kim

This pump is the lightest hospital pump I have used. The individual settings allowed me to select the most comfortable setting every time, rather than having to rely on pre-set suction and cycle values. I got more milk than with the other pump after my first baby.   — Nicki

Wow! For the price it looks secure for all needs! Love the color and the holders for the bottles and the bpa free plus vaccum seal! And it's quiet!! My baby won't hear it just smell my milk lol but what a plus that this pump offers compared to others - Wow! For the price it looks secure for all needs! Love the color and the holders for the bottles and the bpa free plus vaccum seal! And it's quiet!! My baby won't hear it just smell my milk lol but what a plus that this pump offers compared to others   — Bre

Highly Recommended - The family of Ardo pumps are the finest available breast pumps on the market today. Ardo has considered the need for effectiveness, a quiet, closed system, as well as a choice of flange sizes. With the Swiss design and manufacturing, choosing Ardo means that mothers finally have a pump that out shines every other. Ardo is perfect pump for every mother.   — Kathleen Huggins, R.N., M.S., IBCLC -- Author of "The Nursing Mothers’ Companion”

These were ok. I usually use the target brand which are $5.77 for 60 so these are a little more pricey. I also don’t think they absorb as quickly as others I’ve used, I’ve noticed them leaking through a few times while nursing on the other side. However I feel like they do hold quite a bit. They will get the job done.   — Hmeye909

I love everything about these breast pads! They really are ultra absorbant - they never leak on me, even when saturated! I also love the contoured shape and the way they fit comfortably without awkward lumps. They are comfortable and feel soft and gentle on sore nipples, and the adhesive backing holds on really well inside my bras without shifting or bunching. I also like the individual, easy to open wrapping. I much prefer the Ardo Day & Night Pads over all the other brands I've tried!   — Yeah.

Great nursing pads. I’m fighting an over supply so I leak quite a bit at each feed. These odd have a plastic coating on the back even when they are super full they don’t get my shirt wet. I have tried a ton of pads and these are some of the best, no leaks, stay put, don’t look weird in my shirt :)   — Kristi

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