HERNDON, Va., March 8, 2021, /PRNewswire/ — Ardo medical, Inc., the subsidiary of Swiss breast pump manufacturer Ardo medical AG, and VGM Group announced today their cooperation in the area of breast pumps and breastfeeding support products.  In addition, Ardo will offer VGM members its new product lines of health products for expecting and breastfeeding mothers, as they are introduced throughout 2021.

“We at Ardo are excited to support VGM members with the latest technology in breast pumps and breastfeeding supplies,” says Nikolaos Papadopoulos, President of Ardo medical, Inc.  “As the company with the longest experience in breast pump, we are very cognizant about what mothers need to feed their babies.  That’s why we are glad to provide our Swiss Made breast pumps to VGM members, so they can support their clients.”

“In addition to providing mothers with the necessary means to feed their babies, we are now offering VGM members support products for breastfeeding mothers, such as ultra-pure Ardo Care Lanolin cream or the Vegan alternative Ardo Care Balm”, adds Samuel Krähenbühl, CEO of Ardo medical AG.  “As the year progresses, we will introduce to VGM members additional products to support moms through their pregnancy, during birth, and after their child is born.”

About Ardo:  Ardo is one of the worldwide leading hospital and personal breast pump manufacturers.  Ardo was founded by the pioneer of electric breast pumps and has decades of experience in electric breast pumps.  Located in Unterägeri, Switzerland, Αrdo manufactures its Swiss Made breast pumps in-house to the highest quality standards.  To this day, Ardo is a family-owned and family-run corporation, with customers in over 50 countries.  More than 500 hospitals and over 1 million mothers are using Ardo breast pumps worldwide.