Are you pregnant and worried about the possibility of tearing during birth? How do you even prevent tearing during birth? Ladies, this definitely needs to be talked about. We’re here to talk about how to prevent tearing during birth.

Did you know that first-time moms have a 95% chance of tearing during birth? Experts say that this is because your tissue down there is less flexible causing vaginal tearing, a type of laceration to the perineum, the tender area between the vagina and rectum. When you give birth, your vaginal tissues have to stretch wide enough to allow your baby’s head to pass through. Women who deliver vaginally for the first time have not had the opportunity to allow their vaginal tissues to stretch.

But, tearing during birth can actually be prevented! You actually have more control over your birth experience than you are aware of! You just need to take the matter into your own hands, pun intended! Research shows that doing perineal massage before birth reduces the risk of third- and fourth-degree tears. A perineal massage is the act of stretching and manipulating the perineal tissue (the tissue between your vagina and rectum) using your fingers to prepare and “soften” the tissue before giving birth. Perineal massage have, in fact, been used throughout time to help prepare women for birth. In the mid-1980s, a German OBGYN discovered that African tribal women used gourds of increasing sizes to stretch the perineum

So, how do you do perform a perimassage with Ardo Natal Perimassage? It’s pretty easy!

  • Starting at your 34th week of pregnancy, put a small amount of our Ardo Natal Perimassage on your fingertips.
  • Then slowly slide your thumbs down to your perineum.
  • Gently push down on your perineum skin (in the direction of your chocolate star flower) with your thumbs
  • Then gently stretch the skin outwards, and repeat!

Our Ardo Natal Perimassage is an easy way to help prepare your body for the delivery of your baby. With daily massages, you can help prepare yourself for the birth you’ve been envisioning.

Perimassage oil to prevent tearing during birth