closed system pump part diagram

Ardo breast pumps are a completely closed system

One of the most important features for you to look for when you are selecting your breast pump is the ability to clean your breast pump and have it stay clean. Yet, not all pumps come with this ability and risk the possibility of contaminating your milk. Breast pumps, regardless of the brand, are either a closed or open system and it’s important that you understand the difference between these two pump features.

A closed system pumps doesn’t allow milk to get into any part of your breast pump because there is a barrier between your breast milk and components of your pump. This barrier prevents your breast milk from leaking into your pump components, such as the tubing or even the motor, and helps ensure the route your milk travels through is hygienic and safe. In contrast, with an open system pump, it is not possible to completely sterilize your pump parts and there is a possibility that your breast milk can get into some of the pump parts like the tubing or the motor. This is because there is a direct opening between where the milk is passing into the bottle and the tubing of the pump. With an open system, there is a risk of mold, viruses, or bacteria growing within the tube, causing your breast milk to become contaminated.

Our pumps are a completely closed system. We have termed our closed system technology “Vacuum Seal Technology”. The silicone membrane pot integrated into the pumpset is at the heart of our “Vacuum Seal” Technology. This technology ensures that there is a total barrier between the breast milk and any pathogenic agents. Our Vacuum Seal Technology guarantees protection of your breastmilk from contamination. Components such as the silicone tubing do not have to be boiled/sterilized before use. In addition, no milk will ever get in the tubing of your breast pump. Pump with confidence! Pump with an Ardo breast pump.