Hands-Free Wearable Milk Collection Cups


Ardo Wearable Pumpset

Ardo Hands-Free breast milk collection cups are the perfect solution to streamline your breast pumping routine and make pumping even more convenient. Compatible with your existing Ardo Alyssa, Bellis, Calypso, or Carum electric breast pump, these collection cups are designed for ultimate comfort and practicality. Ardo Hands-free collection cups effortlessly fit into your bra, eliminating the need for holding traditional pump flanges and freeing up your hands for other tasks. What’s more, the collection cups are thoughtfully engineered to create a strong and reliable suction, ensuring optimal milk output. Ardo Hands-Free milk collection cups make the perfect companion for busy breast pumpers who want the flexibility to pump on the go.

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Pump Anytime, Anywhere!

WORKS WITH YOUR EXISTING PUMP: Compatible with Ardo Alyssa. Bellis, Calypso, and Carum electric breast pumps.

COMFORTABLE AND PORTABLE: Each is easy to slip into your bra and go about your day! Each cup holds up to 6 oz.

STRONG SUCTION: Ardo Hands-Free collection cups are engineered to create a strong suction, ensuring optimal breast milk output.

SAFE MATERIALS & BPA-FREE: Ardo milk collector cups are made with food-grade silicone for more comfort and a better fit; BPA-free and can be sterilized with steam, boiling water, or microwave steam bags.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: 2 (two) milk collection cups, 2 (two) 24mm breast shields, 2 (two) 19mm silicone flange inserts, 2 (two) membranes and duck bill valves, 2 (two) tubes. Breast pump sold separately.

breast pump that does power pumping
breast pump that does power pumping
breast pump that does power pumping

What Comes With Ardo Hands-Free Milk Collector Cups?

Your new pump parts await!

  • Two milk collector cups (24mm flange size) with tubing and adapter, each up holds 6 ounces
  • Two 19mm silicone breast shell insert
  • Lanyard to attach to your existing pump so you can wear the pump while moving around


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