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Power Outage Pumping

Moms who rely on electricity for pumping breast milk, should think of additional options to power their electric breast pump. In the event of a power outage, especially one that lasts a day or more, parents can find themselves in a significant breastmilk removal bind. As a healthcare professional, I ask how long does this parent have before their milk supply suffers and adverse effects (pain, engorgement, plugged ducts) are felt?

Pump Tips

Pump Tips for new moms to help get more sleep.

The Anatomy of Breastfeeding

As soon as you give birth your body starts making prolactin.  Prolactin is what tells your body to fill the breasts each time you feed your baby.  With each breastfeed, the prolactin levels increase, but levels drop if breastfeeding is not frequent enough.  It is important to keep high prolactin levels to keep your supply up.  This is why cluster feeding is so important.  When babies reach growth spurts they cluster feed to increase your supply to meet their needs.  It is SO important to start breastfeeding as soon as possible to make sure you initiate your prolactin levels and start to increase them as your baby grows.

The Many Colors Of Breast Milk

Breast milk can take on a number of colors.  We walk through the most common colors, causes and when to reach out to your doctor.

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